When The Altair Ez:1 Met Pepper


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When the ALTAIR EZ:1 met Pepper robot

We had a film crew here today, filming me and my robots which is to be part of a European documentary series to be aired later this year. We finally got to meet the Pepper robot and it was great fun seeing it interact with our EZ:1

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Bot brothers!

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How do you do Pepper

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Lol! That's so exciting to see spontaneous reactions like that!
any pics of the bottom drive system?
Just watched that video for the first time of them meeting, that was great to see!

Easy to tell which one is more intelligent.;)
United Kingdom
Thanks everyone!

Josh, I will post pics of the new locomotion drive when its completely changed over from the existing system.

Very cool video.
Robots meeting.
I think my robot Dave wanted to date a Pepper robot.
I might need to build him a friend.