Ryobi 40v Robot Mower With 40v Trimmer Whiskers By Jstarne1/ Starnes


Ok so I am going to run over the general idea. I have been researching getting a robot mower and the options are sickly. They simply don't offer a full size electric robot mower for a reasonable price, at least for my pockets.:)
I switched the Sabertooth to RC mode , mixed servo input. So one servo signal controls forward and back and the second controls left and right. These are mixed by the Sabertooth microcontroller.

Youtube video of the first attempt mowing with the bot

Points of interest

- there are no screws on the mower body for easy access at the moment which makes it bounce around a bit

-I am still using the 40 v battery packs but the step up converter is going to be installed to boost the voltage from the 24 volts to 40 volts for the mower motor. This will lighten the assembly and also consolidate batteries. two car batteries last a lot longer than a 5 ah battery.

- the rear of the mower is sliding accross the grass, I still need to make knotches in the mounts to adjust the height of the mower deck.

- I was using this in RC mode and trying to record as well.

- the grass was about 8-10 inches tall being cut down to 1.5 inches so the mower could not mow as fast as a normal pass would be.

- First person cam will be added so I can mow from inside the house.

Comments and suggestions welcome ! thanks
Lol, nice video. I like the fish tails it gets going so fast. What is your fail safe going that fast and not stoping in time for the cars going by?

Way cool mower. Thanks for sharing.
I have a remote with a dead man switch , if i let go it should stop and apply the brakes, but if that fails I get to figure out what kind of ticket they give a lawn mower robot for failure to yield, LOL