Wet And Dry Vac Demo Video




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United Kingdom

Nice work csa459

I have a larger version of that vacum , now i know what to do with it when it dies. Again great work , A very nice robot.



thanks steve yes that motor went out in vac didnt have use anymore had for like 8yrs and it die2yrs ago , i fig some day ill have use for it something then i found ez-robot ok i found use for it lol still working on arms for her yet to get a beer for me lol anyway more to come ty cory


my cats dont what to think of it but thanks movie maker cory

United Kingdom

I,ll watch this space for sure.



I like! Looks like you also made our Facebook page! Very cool:) The Moderator must like it!


thanks dj still more to come for arms and more new updates from you cant wait just getting better cory

United Kingdom

Nice work, loving the head!

The inspiration I need to get my bot finished (currently he is sat in the spare room feeling neglected)



could you go over the details of the eyes again? How are they made?

perhaps some more details on the build, photos, etc.



hey thanks , there more in work for arms it take time and some money lol . guess iam robot freak i just love building them out old junk laying around glad you like it, hope inspriration helps more people ty cory


ok for the eyes 2 soup cans and ran out to dollar store for 2 dollars pick up 2 flash lights .ran to lowes for 12ich piece of clear tube dia i think 1/4 inch couple of buck for it . and order 6 leds from superbright led .com .um take apart flashlight keep the part were flashlight bulb it silver part reflects the light .i paint it black .drill three holes back of can for 3 blue led space out around.the clear tube is hot glue to rim of top of the can then hot glue the cone that was painted black from flashlight .small board on bottom screw in the cans like on top of board. little hot glue helps to hold in place doing this .i balance it all equaly.to turn them on of i use rc pico switch plug in just like a servo.the switch can handle ac current also.


Wow, I love it! The neck action is great! She has a nice personality. She needs to work on her figure though.;)


lolol yea she does, but shhhh!dont tell her that she might go crazy on me lol:D


CSA you have done a greaaaat job recycling that 8 year old vacuum. I mean really.. Who has a shop vac that can roll up to you , say hello , check the weather and offer you a drink! I'm glad you made it on the Facebook page you deserved it. - Josh S