Quadrupedal Robot Xr4

Louis T


Hey guys,

I have just started a new robot project. This one is going to be a Quadrupedal robot which has 4 legs obviously and will be built from scratch. My initial goal is to brainstorm the frame part and get hardwares together. The main frame will be built out of 1.5mm Carbon Fiber and aluminum. The next step is to get the walking functional in all direction before adding any accessories or other functions. I choose the quad legged robot because I like it better than a Hexapod and also because EZ-B controller has 20 servos port and I will be using 12 servos so that left me with 8 free ports for other accessories. This is going to be a real budget built using 12 MG995 servos. There are Quadruped kits out there that cost more than $1k so i think this will be worthwhile. I'm waiting for some hardwares to come in the mail so more to come as I progress...

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Looking forward to watching this build!


This will be awesome


Very nice start and those of us on a budget(99%) will be watching your build


Well it's been three years now. How did it go? Were you successful? I am working on one of my own. Was it hard to program with the ez-b software? Thanks