Well Its A . Start


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Hello all I got my kit the other day and just started to play with it today and yes when it came in i did hook a servo up just to see if it worked then i did nothing with it till today lol Some time before xmas i got a rc snow cat for 70$ with the intent to turn it into a bot I took it apart about a week ago then let it sit there Started with wiring up an H bridge to the EZ-B and kinda mounting it in/on the chassi then powered it up and played with it for abit till i took pics Now i kinda have a working chassi

Well its a ..... start lol:P

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Yup:D:D:D Well For the most part it is EZ but i did have some problems could not get the pwm to work it was ither on or off and could not setup the joystick control for my stick the way i want it. Asfar as soldering i have few tools bad eyes no bench no cleaner for my iron and a vary sensative smoke detector lol So i had to solder it up out on the deck in the wind lol so i think i did pritty good lmao

this video is one i found of the same model rc toy i started with i did not get any pics of it before i took it apart


@wolfie! I'm super proud of you:) You finally did it:D Glad things are working out. Canada isn't that bad, is it? eh!


Nice job Wolfie ! Btw, where did you buy the RC snow cat ? Internet ?


I got it at the source or if your in the usa radio shack


Maybe you might reconsider the music track from your video clip.... sick


Your project is lookin good Wolfie!

What neck of the woods are you in?

I'm in Red Neck Red Deer Eh!


WOW WOLFIE very nice job on your first one.


The vid clip was not done by me its one i found so you all can see what i started with as i forgot to get photos or vids before i took it apart lol and yes i agree the soundtruck sucks but allso kinda fits lol


Good job Wolfie! Now you're going to have a great:)


It looks like a nice strong base. That's awesome! So is he still going to play outside?


When im "done" with it i will have it playing inside outside and probly under water lol


Looks like a good bace to start building a cool robot!. Hope to see more!


Awesome job! We always get excited seeing robots that tackle our snow woes here in Canada:)