Ampdroid S1


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Hi Im starting a new thread with my new prototype. The old one was all messy (from me). I think it should be deleted but anyway

Here is the frame after being welded up today

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This is about half done. It needs a few more contour pieces and some aluminum plate platforms.

Then I will have to build the head and arms

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It's coming along! What are you using to hide frame and give it style? Fibreglass? what ever you use I bet it will look good!
Wow! Epic looking platform, what kind of current do those motors draw?
thanks everybody
@tecnopro I am building the frame out of folded paper Papercraft
which i will then fiberglass.

I don't know how much current they draw but
these motors are hooked up to two 12 batteries, so they take 24 volts.
2) invacare pronto sure step m51
1) Sabertooth 2X25v2
This is awesome! I will follow your progress closely as I have a pair of motors/wheels from an invacare pronto and want to do a big bot with it as well.


Lots of changes to "ampdroid"

This is the hull I designed, It is for a droid named NANII which I am writing a lil book about right now.

First I designed shell .obj then flattened it with pepakura,

Then I printed the flattened polygonal design on 110 cardstock paper.
After it was cut out and glued together, Me then reinforced with layers of fiberglass.

Now I am adding steel reinforcing beams to fiberglass matrix for bolting onto chassis.

After that I will make the head
Are you still going to use this to for your rig on stage?
@Antron007 yes it will have a little cart that it drags around. probably people will want to ride it too because you know, drunk people love riding robots
Yes, yes they do;) Nice work btw. It almost looks like a baby buggy from hell raiser or nightmare before christmas. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
OK it is finished

jk this is just the simulation