Warehouse Distribution Robot Prototype


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Here is the prototype of robot I am testing for warehouse distribution.

Nothing special at this time

Standard Thumper body ..usual EZ Robot parts.

I need to add lifting platform and naviagtion system.

I plan to implement with a current warehsouse system in use.

I will be using .net, probabaly vb.net.

Any ideas on a lifting platform woudl be appriciated.

I using this basically be a platform to work out the software.

Has anyone used Microsoft Robotics Stuio with EZ ?

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Great idea. I've been considering something similar for years now but I just have not had the time to develop it. Keep me posted! ;)
OK.. probably not going to use Thumper as base unit. Not very manuverable.
For both simplicity and maneuverability you can use this style platform...
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Personally I would have a caster in the front and the back though. Better handling and stability , just a little insurance for your robocarts payload.:)
I would look at thumper type of chassis ,like the on in EZB store,they make much better ones and can handle more then 300 lbs.
i bought up a idea for the factory i work at,since i am electronic designer

But they say for now they dont want to use robots on the packing and shipping area,and some stuff it over 5 feet high on shelves
Thumper handle 300lbs?

I wish I have one... tires have no air in them maybe that is the problem?

Another problem is maneuverability.

I will need to do at least 3 types of docking maneuvers.

1. Dock to some sort of changing station.
2. Dock to a storage of parts module.
3. Dock or get close to a pack station.

I am having difficult time fine tuning maneuvers with 4 wheel Thumper.. 2 wheel 75:1 ratio.

I also need to either do a line following procedure to get around.

I am using only one H-Bridge controller. Could that be part of the problem?

Are you able to get good results?

Agreed that it can carry some weight.. right now I just need maybe 10 lbs. or so for proof of concept.

That is why a bought it, but it is a good test bed for getting some experience with EZ.
ok,then another idea would be like a wheel chair setup,.one of my robots has 2 6 inch wheels on a square aluminium frame and front and back has omniwheel coasters for stablity

It can handle easy 300 lbs or more

Its easy to make,just make a square frame from angle aluminium and attack easy to buy wheelchair motors and omniwheels for front and back.

I design a very good automatic charging system for it also up to 10 amops charging rate and 12 volts or 24 volts gel cell batteries

Witch a wheel chair setup you will get fine tuned maneuvers with it

I think my setup cost be about $125
i can try to get it back from my robot storage area and take photos or find photos of it
here is the frame of the robot,you dont need the top half

User-inserted image

It handle 100 pounds plus me on top of it plus frame and still moved with no problem

I guess i could add more weight,but thats about 260 lbs total PLUS FRAME AND MOTORS ,also no stress on the frame too
Thanks for the help. I will be doing that something just like that when I get the bugs out of this software.

I want to do a small cheap version that I can demonstrate.

I may not get the funding for all that I want.

If I do I have a full machine shop with engineers and plasma cutter at my disposal.

But first I need to know I can develop cheap enough and get over some of the software issues first.

I also need to integrate with our in house software ..that is very important especially in the beginning.

We deal with Locomotive parts. Some every heavy and bulky which we will probably never use this system.

But a majority are small parts, bolts, gaskets, etc.. That is what I need this for.

Your design looks perfect for us for the base.

Can you maneuver very finely with that set up?

It will take some very precise handling for a lot of things I need to accomplish.

Thank again for the input.
Thats what i have is a very big robotic machine at home with almost every machine needed,last one is aluminium MIG welder and 3D plastic printer,like makerbot replicator or another type

yes it can ,thats what good about omniwheels ,look at vex robotics they have many omniwheels and you can make a robot low cost for under $200 to try it out,plus other wheels

Just change the wheels for another ,buy or make a small frame with the VEX ROBOTICS parts and change and test your design before making a bigger design.

Its a very good test platform for robotics,plus i bought 3 of the platforms with wheels and motors off ebay,i will be sliing my motors and cpu and camera that it uses and 2.75 inch wheels and gripper design ,since only using the platform and adding tracks to mine instead of wheels

OMNIWHEELS go foward and back and slide side to side if used as a coaster type like on bottom of chairs it gives very good maneuverablity

My design has one in the front and 2 6 inch wheels in the front

Will find out where i got it,they need to handle 300 lbs ,witch i think it handles 400 lbs ones i got and they sell others

I design my own gear boxes and my own servo's besides all phases of electrionic circuits

WHAT i am mostly a expert at is sensors and testing them and have so many different types of sensor ,and almost have bought every sensor made too

Only lack in programming
What are you going to do with the thumper base , email me if your ok with getting rid of it second hand kandyred@gmail. Com
Hey how's this project going? Any progress? - Josh S
Still working on project.. back loaded with other job related programing issues right now.
@samdenson Hmmmm the thread is over 2 years old.... are you expecting an answer? Hopefully you are not spamming us...:)
to Richard R:
haha) no, no spam, man I've posted that from my tablet PC so didnt see the latest post was 2 years ago. Probably I should make new topic )) Thank you.
Btw, if you can help me with that question - I would appriciate that much.