Zeus - A Monowheel Robot (work In Progress)


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I'm experementing balancing a robot with 2 propellers. For now it's a bit difficult since I can't configure the analog buttons of the xbox 360 joystick.

Here are some pics

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User-inserted image

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This is a really unique design and concept. I really like it!


Hello Hexxen,

Very unique! Looks a bit complicated.

What was your inspiration behind this?



The first inspiration was the gyro wheel saw in spiderman cartoon more than 10 years ago.

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Then I've changed from gyro balancing to manual balancing using 2 propellers. This wasn't get from anywhere but maybe is from films like avatar:

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And finally thinking about how to turn the propellers to front and left in order to turn the robot i took the system from the sony Rolly:

User-inserted image


I like the idea of the robot being inside the mechanism that moves it like the rolly - Your creation could develop into something very effective and unique.


I can't wait to see a video!


EDIT: I'm having big problems on converting video. Seems that all small video formats don't like time-lapse videos. And the big one (1.5gb) will crash my browser when uploading. I'll try some encoders these days


Finally I've managed to convert it. I lost much of the video quality but It's ok.