Mr. Metal Robot 2020


Looking good ! I like it. Well done :-) Love that Actobotic metal. The arms are cool. I just put the arms back on Hemi and wired them up.  Will you adding a drive system  or its  to be stationary?
I want a drive system

with the servo city Agent 390 can I use the 1300 mAh  7.4 V batteries ?

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That was fun. Lots of room for expansion of ideas with his personality and animations. Have fun!

ServoCity Rocks!
Yes, should be able to. I have to look, I think I did a current measurement once on the actual draw of those motors under load (I use to have an analog current meter attached).
thanks Dave, servo City does rock.

Thank you also, RoboHappy, I will try the servo city Agent 390 and use the EZB4 controller with the 1300 mAh,  7.4 V batteries - I will use a h bridge motor driver for the motors.

I will see what happens, trial and error again  :-)

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Hi RoboHappy,

Not getting the Agent 390

I am getting the Prowler Robot Kit - wheels next week - I will be on the road, I hope :-)

using the EZB4 controller, with an h bridge motor controller with the 1300 mAh, 7.4 V batteries, servo City tech said that would be ok

The 15 percent off helps a lot  :-)

The prowler kit is nice. Lots of room on it to do so much. I still might get the Nomad or Warden kits for other projects.
Wheels, motors etc...  should be here tomorrow but the setup will be in the next 2 weeks due to relatives coming in for a week, oh well...

My robot is coming along,

I put the Prowler Robot Kit together in the midst of my relatives, lol.

By Wednesday I should be able to power the Prowler Robot Kit up for a test.

Servo City  look under  Tech tips, a short video there