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Better Servos

Better Servos

Is it possible to use AX-12A Professional Robot servos with the EZ-Robot kit? Im making a are out to test some ideas and the servos that came with my bot kit are not strong enough. I want to use...

Rashads Basic Building Blocks Of Robotic Life.

Rashads basic building blocks of robotic life. These are the tools that I use when I come up with a new idea. :)
Ios And Android Control

Ios And Android Control

Why cant we do this EZ-B or is it even possible with android and IOS. I have using for some time and it seems like some one with more experience should be able...

High Speed Photograpy With Ez Robot

This can easily be done with an EZ Robot. The best part is you can use a laptop and watch it by using your DSLR as a webcam on your ez robot.

Will These Servos Work Our Kits?

Will these servos work with our kits?

I Want To Buy 25- 30 Ez-Bs For Kids

Dear Dj, I want to create an after school program based around EZ-B hardware, CNC and Drafting. I want buy close to 30 kits but I need help coming up with a curriculum for kids. I need your help and the EZ- B community for more good Ideas. I just got the grant paper work and its due by February first. Any thing will help. Also I need more Ideas on...
16 Potentiometers And 16 Servos

16 Potentiometers And 16 Servos

What is the best way to hook up 16 servos to 16 10k potentiometers. It seems that the joy stick modual only allows 4 servos to 2 xy joysticks. I want use...
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