Vpro Robo Sapiens Tv Documentary Featuring The Altair Ez:1 And Pepper


United Kingdom
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Here is a video of the vpro Netherlands Television documentary "Robo Sapians" featuring the ALTAIR EZ:1 meeting the Pepper robot that was broadcast Sunday night.

The only person from the group to so far visit our studio is my good friend ptp and he might recognize the entrance!


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That was classic Tony. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much. You have such a beautiful home and wife. You're very fortunate man.

It's really a pleasure to see what your little robot has grown into. He's quite the work of art and Technology. I remember when you were just trying to get him put together so he could move. He's growing into so much more almost a real little man. The work you do is so impressive.;)
I agree with Dave, calling it Art and Technology.
Many people appreciate your work.
I feel privileged to know you.
Your work area is also first class.
Glad you are feeling better.
Thank you for sharing.
Steve S

Thanks for sharing.

When i was travelling by train from London Bridge to your place, i saw green pastures, sheep, farms, i lost internet, it was a very relaxing trip.

Very quiet neighborhood to boost the concentration.

So yes i recall very well your studio, please give my regards to your wife Judy.

You still have a lot to do, I wish you a speedy recovery.
Thanks a bunch for inviting us into your home in that video, tony! Your workshop is great! Seeing ez:1 in action is remarkable. This is a proud moment for yourself and our community to receive such wonderful exposure!
Thanks a lot for sharing this Tony! Your ALTAIR EZ:1 is such an inspiration for me when working at my project, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. Hope to see more of him later!
It seems to be such a beautiful space, and your workshop looks great!
Thanks for sharing this clip and of course your work with us!:)
United Kingdom
Thank you all for your kind words! You may have noticed that ALTAIR's pupils seem to wonder in the video this is because he is looking up to (following) the people filming behind Pepper. the pupils move to quadrants where it is seeing humans.

Our Home and studio MABBS is an unusual layout - the front as you see in the video is very modern but the back part is over 200 years old with very thick stone walls. Here is a picture of the back of our home in winter.

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oh wow. toymaker, your home really looks amazing! i wish i could live in such a place! but i can't even afford myself hgh that i need now. congrats! congrats!