My new Metal Robot with voice commands 10/25/2019


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My new Metal Robot with voice commands and Auto Position for you to view - 10/25/2019

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Nice build, will he also be having a spice him up with some personality?

Many the force be him too!!:D

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I plan on attaching an IO tiny, battery, camera and RGB for eyes etc. as soon as my order arrives

Also I have some grippers to attach

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Back from 2019

I plan on redoing this today on ARC, 11/10/2022, with an Arduino and a PCA9685 module, 8 servos and other things

Test a metal robot, voice commands, audio response, some movements

from Amazon, just $17.99 First using my Yahboom  servo Tester 8 Channels Motors Controller

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hi all it is 11/11/2022 here is metal, nuts and screws I am using an Arduino uno with a PCA9685 for 8 servos I am also using the Auto position, speech recognition, scripts and the audio toolbox plugin for the Mark voice

I first tested this with a Yahboom servo Tester 8 Channels Motors Controller

Then tested it with a IOTiny, best for walking

thanks for watching, please leave a comment

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LOL! Love the happy hands! looks like you're having a lot of fun.

Did you rename him metal, nuts and screws? I love that too.

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Thanks Dave, You are the only one who commented on this. This was to demonstrate the Arduino uno with a PCA9685 works good with all ARC's robot skills for smiller29

Thank aagin