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I just typed a long update but lost it when the page refreshed. Ugh, when will I learn to write these in Word first? Lol.
I'll rewrite it later. In the meantime, enjoy the video:)

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Fantastic! Very well done and impressive for the short time you have been using ez-robot!

Here's a tip for the shakiness. In the CONNECTION CONTROL click the GEAR icon. You can add a script for initialization. In this case, initialize the servos to their center position calibrated for your application, and then set the speed, which will remove the jerkiness.



# Move servos to init center position
Servo(d0, 90)
Servo(d1, 90)
Servo(D2, 90)

# Init servo speeds for smoother movement
ServoSpeed(d0, 1)
ServoSpeed(d1, 1)
ServoSpeed(d2, 1)

This is going to be a great exhibit!
1. The face-video on the tablet isn't as blue in person. It shows skin tone very well. I'm also going to put out a call on Facebook and here on Ez for folks to submit their own faces for display on the tablet.
2. The "searching" of the face/camera is becasue I had the center box of the grid too small. Better when it's larger than the others but loses the target more easily.
3. The servo is under-powered. Hence the buzzing. I get that it has to cycle to maintain position but when I had the camera mounted directly to the servo (before installation in the sculpture) it tracked very well and was completely silent. The face/tablet/EZ-b are a heavy combination. I have one in mind from Servo-City.
4. The cell phone vids are of robots through the ages; starting with Metropolis, Forbidden Planet, and of course B9 from Lost in Space on the bottom phone and ending with Ex-Machina, Real Steal, and Interstellar on the top phone.
5. I still need to add stock footage of strip-mining, war, racial tension, climate change somewhere, either the phones or the face-tablet.
6.There is some slop in the servo housing (at the top of the spine) but I won't deal with that until I decide on a new servo.
7. "She who must be obeyed (the wife for all you single guys) had the idea of making the top of the pedestal removable rather than having an access panel on the side. The thinking being that for storage, I can just leave the head-torso-spine mechanism assembled and just wrap it all up. Smart gal.

I guess that's it for now. I'm getting very close to the finish line but sabbatical is over and school starts in three weeks. Still, I'm hoping to have it in a show by summer 2017.
Awesome DJ, thanks! I've noticed I do have to reset the speed each time I open ARC. Ultimately, I'll be using an app on a separate tablet. That is, when I learn to make mine as pretty as yours:D
Can I also add the servo limits to the code? Because of the Nook cable, it won't be set from zero to 180.
Love it. Where is the Hart? ;)
Lol, actually the original design had a heart woven out of memory wire that would beat (in theory) when electricity was connected/disconnected. Then it became an LED affair. Then I just didn't have time. The front of the torso is a bit plain though, I agree.
This is the replacement servo I'm thinking of using. It has a similar max pwm signal range but has 486 oz./in. of torque (@7.4v) compared to my current servo which has 183 oz./in. (@6v).

It's a bit pricey but would be worth the expense if it ran quieter.

I'm loving your skilled welding of tech and art. There is so much of your project that is very interesting to me and blows my mind. I love it when artisans like you join our forum and share what they are creating.

To answer your servo limit question; Yes you can! LOL. You can place this info in your INT script. Here's what that section looks like in my INT script:


##Specify the ranges for the servos
##this prevents the servos from ever going past these limits

# Rt side_to_side Wrist
SetServoMin(2.D0, 120)
SetServoMax(2.D0, 165)

# Rt Up_Dn Wrist Servo
SetServoMin(2.D1, 20)
SetServoMax(2.D1, 170)

# Right Claw
SetServoMin(2.D3, 74)
SetServoMax(2.D3, 102)

# Left Up_Dn Wrist Servo
SetServoMin(2.D4, 14)
SetServoMax(2.D4, 180)

# Left side_to_side Wrist
SetServoMin(2.D5, 82)
SetServoMax(2.D5, 138)

# Left Claw
SetServoMin(2.D6, 64)
SetServoMax(2.D6, 109)

# Bubble Blocks
SetServoMin(D15, 85)
SetServoMax(D15, 177)

# Bubble Servo
SetServoMin(D1, 45)
SetServoMax(D1, 97)

Thanks Dave. I'll play with that when I get the new servo installed.

I still don't get that I'M impressing YOU. It really is the other way around. Your creative energy and commitment to B9 is astounding. And for the record, many of histories famous artists were laborers, engineers, and scientists. Tony smith, for instance, was a welder and brought that technology to the arts with his minimalist sculptures.

Fingers crossed that the new servo (a little smaller in dimensions) fits without too much tweaking:D