Security Cam Robot, This Droid Is Watching For You. Jazzy Power Chair Frame


I have picked up a few Jazzy power chairs and pulled the seats off of them. I will further remove stuff that I don't need. I have seen people hack the original motor controllers but I feel like I am better just selling the original on Ebay and buying one made for DIY building instead. My first power chair base project I used a Sabertooth 2x12 ,but I do have a couple other generic controllers I picked up that may work just fine. I will post some pictures, thoughts, goals and parts I have to work with so far. Any input is cool.
Josh, be sure to use a new SD card in the pi that is crash. I had one on my network that was acting wonky then refused to boot, and it was the SD card, not the pi.
Hey tech guru , I used a different mico SD card and started from scratch with formatting, partitioning and writing the OS. It worked for about 4 hours and died agian. I used a new spare Sandusk ultra high endurance 64gb card. I have a fresh board I am swapping to in the AM and probably sending this Pi back as this board only has been a problem child.

Also I have 4 of the Pi W zero on the way and I will test them , if they do the job I will swap them to free up physical space and lower the overall current draw a couple amps. The pi zero is only 1ghz cpu, so it uses a bit less power.
Ok , another exciting night! All the IR leds have been soldered and run with the pi cams. Faulty pi was swapped for a new one and appears to have fixed that problem. The gps is now actively tracking the robot in my back yard area. Now to cross my fingers all goes well overnight , the insides stay dry and power needs are met.
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OK So I found that after I soldered the IR leds in, that the raspberry pi now draw a great deal more power and I believe causes brown outs from the 24v to 5 v dc converter. So I ordered two more and I will split the load of the raspberry pis and ezb so that they stopped having a voltage drop. As far as the cams all are working well.
OK I will ramp this back up soon, I had to replace the Sabertooth controller because I am an idiot and accidentally applied 24 volts from the power rail to the 5 volt input Vcc, and I let the smoke out. I have the replacement and now things have slowed down since the there are no more contests we are working on. The PI are being swapped for Pi Zero to save space inside the head. I will swap the full size ezb for IO Tiny.