The Six Chronicles


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Day One: The Box

Hello, my name is Peter. I have been playing with robots for some time now. I have owned a few of the WowWee products, including the original Robosapein. I have had Roombas, Wall-Es, Robbies and many other toys. I like experimenting with Arduino circuits and have done a little with the Raspberry Pi. I owned two of the earlier EZ-Bs v.3, the Bluetooth model. Well, now it’s time I came into the revolution.

I plan to be using the Revolution Six. I hope to undergo a continual exploration of all the things I can do with this robot. And, of course report back, so that others can critique and offer comments. I expect to make quite a few mistakes, but I hope to share these, so that others can avoid some of them. I have a lot of ideas to explore. Some will be very serious and some will be very whimsical. My style is more toward exploring and experimenting that completing a finished robot. The Revolution Six is already pretty complete. My style is also very lighthearted.

All too often I see family members spent hundreds of dollars on a robot, put it together, move it across the floor and then put it away in the closet until next summer. Luckily, I get a chance to buy them at the lawn sale.

With this series of posts, I hope to continually inspire you to try new things with your robot, even if it's only for the fun of seeing things move or light up.

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Day Eight: Exercise

Six has a new look. I have added some blue eyes, and an oscilloscope to keep track of the her talking. I also put the dome back on, and gave her a blue hat.

This is a video of her exercising with the light sticks.
A fitness bot, now there's an idea.

Health instructor writes script for client's daily schedule and uploads to cloud. Clients robot auto retrieves that script from cloud at a set time, ready for client to exercise. Robot mimics moves to inspire and 'be with' client during work-out.

Haha the video made my day!
Whoa - where did you get that oscilloscope? Super cool! I'm a huge fan of your videos
I just got some time to check in on your build after seeing you posted a vid a few days ago.

Woho! I absolutely love the new look! That oscilloscope is the BOMB! This brings it to life in a whole new way! I really am flipping over the old time science fiction look it adds. The shape and style of the light sticks and the dome bring it all together. Nice architectural work. Very artist. :)
Day 9: Watching Six Speak

Who doesn't like to watch their robot talking? ARC has a pretty good built in speaking mechanism but it's always nice to see a little action when you hear your Six speaking. So let's explore some ways that we can watch our robot talk.

Here are the options I considered:
1. Pulsing LEDs (some flicker, some change color, and some just pulse)
2. Strip of LEDs such as a VU meter (the old LM3914 makes a good LED bar display)
3. Arduino Oscilloscope using the SSD1306 display board
4. DSO138 2.4" TFT Digital Oscilloscope (DJ suggested a good link a few replies above)
5. And finally, an Android app.

I like the android option best because it has a built-in microphone, so that you can just capture the audio. Android also includes the option to use the ARC mobile and lots of other gauges and handheld devices. I find Android has a better collection of this stuff than does iOS. However, it can be expensive so you might want to look for a cheap Android phone. I chose the Galaxy S4 because it has all the sensors one would ever want.

I plan to experiment with the android devices a little bit more on another day.

Here is a video showing a series of clips panning from one option to another ending with the android oscilloscope. Most of this video is a script with heavy use of sayezbwait.


love the voice sounds so clear.and perfect motions.
now i know what an Oscilloscope is,thanks.
Wow, setup looks great and the voice is clear as day! Pretty new to the forum, looking forward to the forward progress and updates!
Day 10: Farewell V3

At first, I planned to combine some of my previous projects using the v3 EZB with my new EZB v4, but with some sadness, I have now decided it might be just as well to return them both for store credit.

Six encountered the ole EZ V3 models today.

Here's a video of how it all went down.
You may need to crank up the volume, these guys speak softly.

Day 11: The Switch

The switch is everywhere in robotics. It is behind everything that makes Six the machine she is. She has digital switches, sensor switches, switchable motors, etc. But it is the humble physical switch that we have gathered to honor, today.

Six depressed this majestic device for our entertainment and enlightenment. And, this video, shows how it all went down.

Cute. Reminds me of the first Star Trek movie where they had the scenes where they were doing the long and slow fly byes of the starships.
I'm on a plane and it won't buffer to play... Super eager to watch it! Will have to wait until I land in a few more hours.
Oh oh, look what came in the mail. Check out the little logo in the corner. Yeah it's JD. It' all a bit hazy in my memory, but ...

Fear not Six, The Chronicles will continue. No I probably will not be abandoning the six Chronicles.

Perhaps I'm going to have to start this all over again this time calling the thread, "JD Days".
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you have a very good mailbox.fully assembled jd.