Super Mario Humanoid Project



Hey guys! So I'm waiting for minion to come in and decided to build something in the mean time. I realized it's a lot harder then it looks and I'm taking this as a learning exercise so my minion project will go smoothly.

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I found this mario and decided to convert it to a humanoid. So far I put a servo to rotate his head and a servo on each arm to move his arm. Then I mounted the legs from JD and here is the result lol

User-inserted image

So now I plan on wrapping the legs red to match the pants, but I keep coming across the issue of his head coming off the servo and arms just falling off the servos. I'm currently using the black attachements to hold it in place but they don't seem to lock. Any idea?

Also when I turn him on he isn't connecting to my phone. I'm gonna try ARC next

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The attachments need to be screwed to the servo with the included screws.

The ezb doesn't connect to your phone - it's the other way around. You'll have to make an app to control him from the phone. That's covered in the learn section. Click learn from the top of this website and select your product, this case it looks like the developer kit. The activity you are looking for is Create Mobile App. Of course, you already want to have the robot animations programmed before you create the app

There are activities in the ez-b/iotiny learn section to help you along:). here's a shortcut:

However, here's a few tips to get you started..

  1. Use the Auto Position control to make animations for the robot. Since your robot has legs and needs a GAIT to walk, the Auto Position Movement Panel will be best:

  2. Use the Speech Recognition control to make the robot respond to your voice and perform animations based on statements. That animations are triggered using the ControlCommand()

  3. Use the Camera control to have the robot head track objects. It's easiest to start with a color, for example a multi color can be taught. There's an activity for that as well. or simply use single color tracking

  4. Finally, create a mobile app and add a joystick and buttons to trigger movements, etc.. However, remember that the mobile app cannot use speech recognition due to cpu limitations of mobile devices.

It's common for people to get super excited when they first start building an ez-robot, and skip activities and lessons - i understand:D.