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Hey all,

I thought I'd share my latest project. I started it today. While I haven't made my quadro-pod robot yet as I don't have enough servos, I thought I'd use the EZ-B to help the Technology Unit at my work win the best decorated unit competion this Halloween.

I've taken a few ideas from cjmekeel and his 3 Axis Skull and other Halloween configurations. I hope he doesn't mind:)

So far all the props were purchased at the local Dollarama. Currently I only have the skull modified. Originally it just had flashing eyes. Now its eyes pop out and his jaw flaps to an evil laugh. I will post a video as soon as I can. For now his head won't move. I think if I had more servos I would make it, but I'm very low.

Hope you like!

These are the props:

User-inserted image

This is the finished product:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

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I'm looking forward to seeing a video of this:D


So I've chopped the Rat's head off and added some spooky fingers and hand. Have a look and let me know what you think. It currently does not have many triggers but I want to connect the ping sensor and maybe a webcam or 2 to trigger some of the movements.

I also hope to have a spider fall from he ceiling. We'll see. I may need to grab another servo for that. I'd hate to cannibalize my Wall-E any more!

Before decapitation:

User-inserted image

After decapitation:

User-inserted image

LED eyes installed (stolen from the little white skulls):

User-inserted image

Servo installed:

User-inserted image

And the Video!


That's really cool. Did you put the EZB in both skull and Rat? Love the skull.


Thanks @merne,

So far it's been a hit with the Tech members. I'm not going to bring it in until it's fully programmed and about 2 days before judging. Don't want to give away our secret weapon:p

As for the EZB, it's right now still strapped to the back of my Wall-E as you see in the background of the video. I have many extension wires running to each device.

Skull = 1 Standard servo and 2 LEDs on one connector Rat = 1 Standard servo and 2 LEDs on one connector Fingers = 1 mini servo glued to the bottom of the board with 4 strings of fishing line connected to the fingers and hand on top.


I love how the Wall-e is the powersource and brain for it! It's like jump starting a car with another car - but this time it's a robot!


Wondertwins activate bZZzzZzap! In the shape of a robot Rat! Lol very cool. Is walle going to be part of the setup?


Haha no unfortunatly Wll-E isn't quite scary enough... though now that I've removed his arms and will be using his head elsewhere, maybe he is!

For now though he's just holding the EZ-B in a safe place.

Update: I now have 3 talking skulls!

I think I'm done wiring and will now move onto scripting! What fun!? If I can't find sound clips I like, I may record some myself. I want the skulls to tell some jokes and interact a little bit with people.

We'll see!