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Now that I have moved on from my Inmoov I have been itching for a project. I would really like something unique and I have been enjoying the design aspect of it. Since I never properly named my Inmoov I am starting with a name. It is Scratch. Because I am sure it will get it's share of dings and scratches but also because I am starting this design from scratch.
A singe eye is where I will start. I wanted a gimbled eye that looked kinda cool. It needs to move in the X and Y direction. I wanted it to have some form of interactive feature that could be used to help emote. So a blinkiing iris type of eyelid it will be. I also wanted a camera and a neopixel ring in the eye.

So here we go;

User-inserted image

The iris is open here. You can see the white ring houses the neopixel ring and the EZR camera is at the center. I tried some surface detailing to make it cool.
At this point I think it is an eyepod!

User-inserted image

Here you can see the servo arm that will actuate the iris. The camera is visible as is the servo that provides for Y elevation. It was quite the ordeal fitting all the functions in there.

User-inserted image

This is the rear half. The servo is for the iris function. You can also see the features I put in to secure the Y servo.

I needed a way to traverse the eyepod and I was considering two eyes for some configurations. So I designed this cross mount. It uses 3D printer belts and printed pulleys. I needed the whole assembly to move extremely smoothly and the linkage arrangements I tried were too jerky. This moves really smoothly.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I am not quite sure where this is going. I was thinking maybe a replacement head for inmoov for people that want something a little different. Maybe it will be part of a walking robot, who knows.
I'll post some more information and videos before too long.

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Out of CAD and into the real world.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Had to make a few test prints but I am finally getting this up on Thingiverse. Starting with the mount until the EyePod prints are finished. I need to add more info and hardware descriptions but the files are up.
Wooo!!! Perfect timing:D. Thank you very much! I return to Calgary at the end of the week and will be able to start printing this weekend
DJ - I will try to get the rest of the files up by then. Anxious to see your color choices.
Awesome - thanks! So what’s the next project on the list? Any ideas?
I've made my adjustments and uploaded the files for the EyePod here. I'll probably have to provide some instructions. 

Here you guys go;

As for next projects I might finish off the rest of this alien robot head. I have been experimenting a lot lately with actuators lately so maybe something big that walks.
Wooow! It's like christmas:D. I fly home tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll have time to start printing the parts:D:D

I'll write a tutorial manual on how to stream your own live event. It would be fun to watch your robot building and experimenting as well!