Ezrobot Myo Wii Remote Controlled Robot Arm


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At this year's University of Waterloo Enghack hackathon, 3 of my friends and I created a motion controlled robotic arm using scrap metal, plastic, a myo, a wii remote, and ez-builder. In the span of 20 hours we created this!
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We got 3rd place and won this gift certificate!

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I think I'm going to frame it:D

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Awesome James! Great to see your skills being put to good use:D

I see the servos were a little shaky - i would recommend using the ServoSpeed() command on the INIT script for those servos. Perhaps setting them to a value of 2 or 3 will cushion the shakiness.

When you coming back to work at ez-robot?
I set the servos to a speed of 0.75 to slow them down since the arm would go crazy if you moved too fast. Does the servospeed command even take a double (or floats) as a parameter?

I should be back by August 31st:)
@James.... You built that arm in 20hrs? Not bad, not bad at all.... Love the duct tape..... LOL. I use it all the time when I need quick assembly...:D
Hahaha This thing is held together by duct tape, hot glue, screws and a little bit solder...

But mostly duct tape;)