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I’d like to present to the community Little Frankie. He was too scary at 7 feet tall, so I had to cut him down to about 1 foot.. He’s made up of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. He has 12 Volt motors, and powered by a Venom 2200MaH 11.1V Lipo battery. Currently I have him running on an EZ-B V3 board, but soon I will transfer him over to the V4 (as soon as I buy another one). I’m waiting on some grippers to come in, but if they don’t come in soon I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the cemetery and grab a few body parts, ha, ha, ha. Once transferred over to the V4 I’ll be adding a few more items to him. Below are a few pictures of Little Frankie in the makings.

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Very cool! Looking forward to seeing a video! :) Thanks for posting


What kinda voice are you gonna hook up with little Frankie ?


@irobot58, thank you. when I get the grippers and, do a little more scripting I'll post a video. :)


@Robot-Doc, that's a good question. I'm open for suggestions.


I have a home recording studio. I can record some tracks and manipulate the sound to fit the character, but I guess I'll need an MP3 trigger to save them to.


@joseph4760 You won't need a mp3 trigger with the new ezb4... You can just use the soundboard control that is built into ARC.... Also, make sure you swap out that 11.1V Lipo for a 7.4V lipo when you get your V4... The servos you are using won't like 11.1V....


Wow! Neat!

Where did you get a 7' Frankie?



He was too scary at 7 feet tall, so I had to cut him down to about 1 foot..

This made me laugh your sense of humor, Can't wait to see the outcome...:D


Very cool.

Is the device with the LED displaying 11.5 a voltage regulator or just a meter?

If a regulator, do you have a link for it?




@Richard R, Thanks for reminding me, I forgot about the soundboard control. I definitely will switch to the 7.4v lipo when change over to the V4.

@thetechguru, it is a LM2596 Digit Display 4-40V DC-DC Converter Module Step Down Regulator Voltmeter. I believe it's rated at 2amps. They can be found on ebay. LM2596 Voltage Regulator


@joseph4760 Thanks, I am trying to find one that will let me use my 24v battery to drive my wheelchair motors and also deliver ~20 amps at 7.4 v to my EZ-B (although 10 amps will probably be enough since I'll only have a handful of servos).

Harder to find then I thought although possibly just using the wrong search terms. The link you provided has links to some other regulators that are a closer fit to my needs, so I am glad I asked.



I looked all over for the 7' Frankenstein, but I could not find one with the mouth that moved or one that had the brain exposed. Where did it come from? and did you make the mouth move? or was it already made to move? Just curious.

Alan, that is what is known as a "BUCK" regulator.


@MovieMaker, I was trying to be humorous on the 7 foot Frankenstein. I got Frankie from e-Bay. He was part of a prop called a "Spirit Ball". There are many Spirit Balls listed on e-Bay with different characters. The mouth was already made to move. I will be installing a micro-servo for the mouth movement. It's going to be a tight fit but I think I can get it in there.


I am looking forward to seeing this.

Good Work!


I finally received the grippers for Frankie. It looks like Frankie is ready to go out and do his business. Next item to work on is the scripting of his arm movements .

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Frankie has his hands now, and I have made a short Video of where I am with Frankie.


joseph4760, Very nice work! I can just see Igor bringing that brain to Dr. Frankenstein. The lighting adds so much to Frankie's head. I wish I could increase the brightness on my brain. Very original idea and build! Steve S


@Steve S Thank You! I'll continue to work on him when I get another V4. I'm also working on another Bot as I speak, and I will be presenting him in the near future.