Robot Dog Chases Ball

DJ Sures


Are you allergic to dogs? Well DJ Sures is! So what's the next best thing? That's right, a robot dog that chases red balls.

  What to do when you are allergic to dogs? DJ Sures figured out the next best thing... Build a robot dog!
  Adding modified servos to drive the wheels and a camera in its nose, the robot dog came to life. The ARC Color Tracking control was used with Motion Tracking enabled. The dog now follows and chases a red ball.

  Interestingly, this robot was lost by Make Magazine following their photoshoot and article in Make Volume 27 featuring DJ Sures. Someone has it out there, wonder if it is being taken care of:)

Peripherals: 1 x Playskool Toy Dog 1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit Tools: Hot Glue Gun Dremel



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