Quadruped called Thumper


New Zealand
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Almost finished my quadruped robot. I have a few more servos to install to get the head to move. I also need to do a lot more work on getting it to walk better.

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Haha i love the eye!! Are you going to be publishing the 3d print files on thingiverse or something? I'd totally make that little guy. The little dance every few steps adds a lot of personality
New Zealand
The files for the legs were originally download from Hackaday.io for a quadruped called Kame, made by Javier Isabel. However, I had to completely remake the files with Fusion360 to use the much bigger HDD servos. The body and head are made from high impact polystyrene sheets of plastic I had from a previous project. I would like to add another servo to rotate the head and a few small MG90s servos to make to eye move around. The EZ-B v4/2 makes it so easy to add and control servos. I am playing around with getting a better walking sequence while still very new to using the ARC.
Ha ha ha! I love this little guy. Before I read your reply to DJ I thought it would be great for that eye to move. However I though it could be spring mounted behind the lense and bounce around to his movements on it's own. Simple and low tech but so retro and cute.
Man I was watching the video and I had just the same idea in mind...attach something like an antenna or another thing bouncy to exaggerate the movements and give it an even more cartoonish look!! Sweet little guy!!:)
thumper is awesome.like it .even the name is super.
program a good walk is difficult.
inverse kinematic fore quad and hex will make it walk so much better.
programming isĀ  hard 15 years dan nothing dan and have to understand visual studio again