Hulkbuster Ironman Suite , Lighting, Sound Effects And Motorization


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Updated final result

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Ok so everyone knows I'm an ironman fan. I went to Dragoncon convention in Atlanta Georgia which was enormous week long event. Me and two friends started to pep ironman suites. That's building a skin out of paper them fiberglassing it. The pre made one I was using I didn't like so I'm in the process of getting another suite Taylor made for my big man figure:) , I had to make measurements everywhere for the 3d designer to use.

The pre made hulkbuster pep file....

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I wasn't wild about this and physical ly making it wasn't pretty. So in comes the new model progress. It will have a functional helmet lift from a rc servo , the repulse rs in hands will glow when i open my hand and ofcourse sound effects:) i will come up with more later. Here's the progress of the new model..

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This is progress pics but not finished , the sides of the chest will be lower so that my arms can actually fit in hulkbuster arm sockets. This is loosely based on ironman vs hulk marvel issue 375. This is a long term project for next year's events. The ez robot app will make controlling the electronics in the suite easy.

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Unlike me to pick on something so minor but seriously it just bugs the crap out of me... There is no e on the end of suit. Suite is a set of rooms or set of instruments...:D

Will be watching to see how you do with getting it all wired and moving, knowing the problems which arise on the standard iron man MK3 suit I know you will have a few obstacles to get around (such as gravity being a right pain when it comes to a motorised visor unless you have a space in your skull for the servo or make the helmet much bigger than it should be).

If you haven't done so already, make a clone of yourself to build the suit on. I.E. Cover yourself in cling film (I think you call it seran wrap) and then get a very good (and trusted) friend to cover you in duct tape, cut yourself out carefully and stuff it with newspaper.


Lol your right man , my auto correct is my nemesis. Sorry about that. Fortunately as for space issues this is the easiest project by far. There is excessive space and the servo for helmet lift would be behind my head. I am considering something more nifty though like the chest separating and dropping down and just the front half of the hulkbuster helmet opening. That way I could get fresh air easy and show my smile in pics as well. Not to mention the occasional drink lol. The other suites my friends are doing will have more space issues but I have already seen lots of guys do it with standard and micro servos. Knowing something like that has already been done gives me and my friends more confidence that it can be done well with ezb.


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Ta da, mini me . I will make a full sized version with legs later but I'm a couple months away from that.


3d rendering updates for wearable life sized suite to my measurements. .. User-inserted image

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User-inserted image The only thing I'm not sure about is the face , I'm still considering a classic style mask but that is a detail for way later to weight out.

next I must layout all the pieces on to paper and cut them out. I'm considering using a cutting machine to make my life easier. Then they are hot glued together and resin applied to make them hard. Vuala

-i will plan out the general lighting needs and improve as i go along. Ezb v4 will be an integral part of this projects function and the mobile app. I imagine it will catch the eyes of hundreds if not thousands of cosplayers who want to add movement and lighting to their costumes with minimal effort. The events that this suite , war machine armor and the other armor which i cannot recall which one Dan modeled will literally be seen and by thousands and maybe more through YouTube.


Thanks for sharing Josh!:D Your Iron man suitE;) will be amazing! Controling various lights and panels with an EZ-B will be the coolest!


I love your projects Josh. I can't wait to see pics of you in this when it's finished. I'm 6' 2" so I'd be more of a hulk toothpick but I think you'll look massive in this.;)


Ok I have been so busy around the holidays but the hustle is about over now. So I can get back to fun projects. I managed to score a silhouette cameo machine which is a robotic paper cutter. He he. Robots used to make robot costumes:) I TRIED a whole evening to get it to work from my laptop until I found out that one of the three pieces of software is not compatible with windows 8. So now I get to redo everything on Jarvis controller pc because it's the only machine I have with Win 7 on it. I tried installing. Win 7 on my laptop but the Dell bios didn't like it. So until I have "Robo cutter" working I'm cutting pieces by hand.

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The last pic is a stock image. Once my workspace is setup I will snap a picture of it. Currently you can buy them new for 200 and used even cheaper to save time cutting the cardboard pieces. I am using it to make a robot costume but you can use it to print robot body parts and paint resin on to make them hard.


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This are the first pieces of the new armor. They are the "exhaust stacks" coming out of the back. These pieces were hand cut so it took about 3 hours

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That's what it's called! I knew there were robotic paper cutters which I was going to get when I started my MK4 suit but changing to foam (and evidently not even near completion 18 months on) I scrapped the idea and forgot what it was called.

Have you got it set up yet? How well does it work?


Yeah. Been looking to get one of these for a while now to make airbrush stencils, how easy is the software to use?


The software package that comes with the cameo is for things like scrap booking and cutting vinyl decals. I may use the decal thing. You can literally draw with simple to use tools and then it cuts them out like you drew them.

To use it for pepakura though you gotta download something called Cameo Controller and Pepakura viewer for Cameo cutter which is 15 dollars

the cameo controller software doesn't function on win 8

Once I have it calibrated I will report back