Phoebe & Rich's Wall-e Progress Pics


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robot video thumbnail everyone,

Here are the progress photos. will add to this post as we go along.
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This and the next one are the same shots as in our first post. we have decided that his tracks are not the right look(not scale) so they will be remade to look right, that's a big job so may leave that to last and get him running as is for now. His motors/servos will end up mounted on his underside.
you will notice quite a lot of changes since this one

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Undercoated and will get glued on after Wall-e is finished.

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User-inserted image

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Arms and neck are next then his head,
Don't worry the robotics are coming.

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@LJ and @jstarne1
Thanks and will answer you guys in a few days as I'm going into hospital in an hour for a couple of days and should be back on deck on Monday.

Hope to have some pics early next week.
Ohh also started Wall-e's head.

Be sure walle has a "laser" between his eyes lol. Not a real probably a red led. And eye brows that flip up. I hope the hospital goes well. - Josh S
Guys just walking out the door but don't worry Wall-e's laser is already sorted...Talk next week

Just checking it to see how you are doing. Hope all went well with your visit to the hospital!

Hope he's ok , I would think we heard from.him get well man!
Hi Guys,
Sorry for not being around for a while and thanks for kind words. It has/is taking me quite a lot longer to recover after my hospital visit than expected. I'm not going to die but some days it feels like I am.
Anyway I have turned the computer on for the first time today in ages and have been trying to do a bit on Wall-e but it's slow going as I have trouble concentrating for long periods and spend most of the days sleeping or in pain.
I will try and get some progress pics up over the weekend but Wall-e is coming along nicely just at a snails pace.
Phoebe is doing well but wants dad to get better ASAP and so do

well heres to a speedy recovery.
Hi Guys,

Well as you may or may not know my health has slowed me down somewhat of late and some days I just cannot get off the couch. i don't have any life threatening thing going on just extremely painful. One of those things that very few people get and is pretty much untreatable except for tons of very strong pain killers that make everything just that much harder and slower to do. I manage with the help of my wife Jeanne with all the day to day tasks but it's been over 3 weeks since I've really been able to do much out in the workshop so I have been putting what time I can into rebuilding our online web store. I won't go on about my health any more as it is just something I have to learn to live with.

We are now the Australian distributer for EZ-Robot and have all the EZ-B controllers and cameras, kits and other periferials now avalible.(see the post in "General Discussions") or check it out at Richie's RC & Robotics. All the Aussies out there should be happy with this as we are doing the EZ-B products at the same prices as here but you will get great savings on shipping.

Anyway Wall-e is now looking like Wall-e but without arms, I'll post a couple of photos here but there are about 80 shots so I've put them on a separate web page were you can check them out.
I have quite a few questions which I hope to get to over the next few days or so.

Hope everyone else is doing well..
Talk soon.
Rich :)
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The rest are here:Wall-e Progress Photos
Amazing Rich. I use your pictures often in demos and presentations of this project. It's very well done!

i really hope things get better for you man....

I'm so pleased to have met you Richie - and your Wall-e blows my mind, the detail is excellent and your dedication inspiring. I hope your health holds up and you share many other future creations of brilliance with us.

All the best

Harry - AKA (Hazbot)

An amazing job, master crafter. :o)

Many blessings!

Thanks Harry and Samantha,

Was great to meet you also Harry and glad you got those H-bridges working (I just love lipo's)

Your WALL-E is so awesome, I think I'm going to build one. are the arms going extend. :)
The track that wall-E's arm moves in, goes back at the bottom

User-inserted image
I enjoyed all your construction pics.  I am really looking forward to seeing more on how you do your tracks, sprockets, etc.  I use a lot of off-the-shelf parts but am thinking of changing tracks over to 3D printed so I can make them smoother/less friction.

My first bot was walle-like and made partly out of wood.  My woodworking skills are not in your league.  I did manage to get some brains and 9 sonars on it among other things.  I have always thought that was something of a challenge with the Walle configuration to get good sensor and where to put sensors to get good FOV coverage.  Early on I put stuff above the level of the last bot is bigger so I embedded sensors inside the tracks.

What do you plan on doing for sensors?
@Martint,  I don't think you noticed, but this conversation is from 2012.  I am sure RichieRC's daughter is college age by now.  He is unlikely to be reading this thread since he hasn't been here is 8 years..... 

Yes...oops.  Thanks Alan.  I get so excited about the projects (especially Walle's and anything with tracks) that I don't go back and try to figure out the back story on the people and the dates.  I'll try to tone down my exuberance in the future.

Once again, its some gorgeous wood working.  I gotta give some credit even if the makers aren't listening.  Art is eternal.