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Just adding some photos of the 3D printed head for the project for the school I am helping. It came from a Rapiro chopped up head (8 pieces) that were printed and then melted together using an Acetone and ABS mixture. These parts were then sanded down and painted. I am not very good at painting at all, so there will be much more time spent cleaning up the paint before I clear coat them a lot.

Anyway, some asked to see what this looked like, so here ya go.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

This is meant to be a representation of their school logo that looks like this

User-inserted image

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Jealous! I want one! It looks like MegaMan.

I've picked painting as a hobby recently, painting ceramics with my wife and painting canvas art. My tip for detail work is have lots of tiny pointed brushes and don't get the cheapest ones, because they'll get stiff and loose their brush hairs.

Be patient!

In corners, be extra patient and paint small bits at a time. If you sense you are getting too much paint in a corner (like it's about to run), paint something else for a bit to give it time to dry.

Use a heat gun to dry your paint faster, but don't blow the paint around.

If you get a paint streak in an area you don't want...don't try to fix it (unless it's a lot of paint), just let it dry and paint over the mistake later.

If it's a big miss, like a big glob of paint, try to dab it up and remove it then smooth out the paint spot. Let it dry. Then paint it the area with the correct color.

If you want to paint something really tiny, like little eyes on something - cheat with paint pens! :)
Thanks for the advice. I have set this to the side for a bit. It wont be needed for about 5 months. I printed this now to see how my home built 3D printer was working. I really want to get my wall-e done so that I can use him as a demo of ARC for the class. Once I get my shipment, I dont think my wife will see me for a couple of weeks.

The class will be working with Roli, Six and JD initially, then moving on to designing and building Patriot1 for the last half of the school year. Good times...

Again, thanks for the painting advice. I may see if one of the students parents is artistic and can do the cleanup work on him. If not, I will keep working on it until I get it ready to be sealed.
Nice Patriot 1 robot head, especially the ears.
Looks great.
Steve S

whats the body gonna look like?
The students will design the rest of the robot. I had to give a starting point.

You might want to try using spray cans from Tamiya. Here is my work, it is not spotless, but it is easier to get a better effect.

Rapiro Gold Frame
User-inserted image
Looks good. Did you print the 8 pieces to make the head or the two? I haven't been able to get the front of the head to print as a single piece yet. It keeps failing on me.

@d.cochran, I did not print them. The parts were ordered from SwitchScience. My colleague has a 3D printer, I yet need to try printing some part. He is going to print some EZ-robot parts first.
What 2 colors of Tamya paint did you use for the head?