Pabi!o's Wall-e


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So I see a lot of wall-e's around:)
That made me thinking, it's time to show my wall-e:)

I started with the small wall-e ( the interactive )

What i learned from him i put in the big wall-e ( a U-command )

User-inserted image

I used the old board from the wall-e for the sounds.

User-inserted image

made the bot in 2 parts the upper half is full with servos..... and a sensor:)

User-inserted image

And off course a good accu-pack is used for hours of fun:) ( 2,5 to be sure )

User-inserted image

And that all together in a small compartment:)

User-inserted image

So i proud show you all my wall-e and a lot of thanks to DJ ,radmeck and bret.tallent for helping me!!!

User-inserted image

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Very nice! Real clean. What did you do for the tracks? Can you post a pic of the underside? It looks like you did a good job with them from the top side
hope you can see it!

User-inserted image

I dremmeld the precise size for the servo and made the connection in the wheel.
NICE! You did a really nice job. Can't wait to see a video.
What that is REALLY clean!
I saved my board and speaker... How do you use it for the sounds?
A beginner with electronics so help is welcome!

Anyways... Great job! I like it! Getting ideas for mine!
Thats a fantastic job! Like DJ said, its a very clean install!
Love it.:D
For the sound I got the idea from DJ he sawed the board in half and used an servo connection to the power and signal. And in the ez-b use a set digital on/off for 200 ms
When I'm home tonight I well make some pictures.
Pabi!o: I will be interested in the pictures... I keep playing with the board, got power to it and I still have the switch attached. I can get the startup sound by turning on the switch but can't get it to do anything from the EZ-B... progress.... a little bit! Thanks or your help!
Hope you can see it in the picture.
What i did was use the old connector from the main board to the small extension board

User-inserted image

I split those is 2 groups one for the record-play-button to make a sound
the other 3 for ir ( so you can control the sounds with the remote.)

User-inserted image

on the other side i solderd the power and signal

User-inserted image
Thanks, GREAT pics! Of course the one thing I didn't keep was that connector from the main board... I should still be able to figure it out. Also I want to use the EZ-B software rather than the remote so we'll see how that goes! Thanks again!