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EZ-B WIFI Connect

Hi There DJ sures, I'd gave myself a present the Wifi module TLG10UA03. Yesterday it came with the postal :) I just configured it gave it my wifi ssid and password and a static ip. Tested it and connected it to the EZ-B. Powered up the EZ-B and wanted to connect the EZ-Builder. But ehm.... ehm... ohh. How can I connect :)

Just A Question

If you read this you will think "ehh gush forgetting something." Al lot of times I just connect a bunch of servo's and sensors and just start adding and changing things. Wrote script change it and so on. And than you hear a scream from upstars "DINNER" or "We have to Go"..... And than you shutdown your computer. damm forget to save..... DJ Sures :)...

Voice Recognition Error

Hi DJ SURES, I have a problem with the voice control, i tried the function on windows xp but didn't work, Later I read that xp doesn't work. but I've tried windows 7 on my desktop and get the same error. Just a few minutes ago i installed windows 7 on my laptop and I get the same error. do i miss something or is there something else. systems I used...

Ping Sensor

Ive read about it but cant remember where but : This ping sensor Can i use this one on the Ez-B ?

Wall-E Voice Eprom

He DJ Sures, In one youtube movies you show that you dremeld the voice eprom and changed it a little to integrate it with the EZ-B how did you do that? I want to do the same :)

Solarcells Ce Possible ?

Just a odd question, but is it possible to run the EZ-B with a solarcell with an accu as backup. I like that idea with the wall-e. And offcourse if it works with the real sounds :) i saw these I don't know how much amps the board needs but measure the wall-e, and it could be possible to do a line of...

Sharp 2Y0a02 On The EZ-B

Hi there, I'm now the proud owner of a EZ-B in Holland :) I've been following your site for a while. And when the v3 of the EZ-B came I had to order one :) I love it! I'd ordered everything on the site of solarbotics and here is the question : When ordering a sensor, I wanted the same as you posted in the forum here, But that one i could not find...
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