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Hi, This is my take on the EZ-B Wall.e While I wait for my kit to arrive I thought I would share some ideas. The first step was to do the arms, I had some small servos left over from an Arduino project which will do the arms and hopefully the neck too. So far I have the arm section done, I will post as I go along and I welcome any suggestions.

This method leaves the clutch in place on the arms. It also gives around 80 of movement in his arms.



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That's a neat way to setup the arms! Do those little servos have enough juice?

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You could say that they pack a punch (pun intended :D )

These have quite a lot of power, so much so that I have added another for the head L / R and am trying to put one in for the neck U / D.

Just not sure how long the batteries are going to last with all that I have in mind!

Need my modded servos so I can sort out his wheels, that one should be fun :(


You could go.for a big battery. A walle can fit a yusa 7ah batt or 6v 4.5ah battery that goes in omnibot. That would give you plenty of juice right?

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I was looking at the li-po batteries from ebay, not sure what to do yet, I wanted the thing to look as little modified as possible, so basically no nailing the battery to the bottom for balance!

Anyway, I was looking for controller software for a joy pad and I found this which seems o work a treat, just used a PS3 controller to test the track mods, (until the batteries in Wall.e ran out again!)


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More pictures of a first assembly to soon how much room I have inside. Not quite as much room inside for the batteries as I first thought.

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Just in case the other thread does not get read I thought I would post the link to some more mp3 sounds

Wall.e sounds

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I added a 6v 4.5ah battery today which meant that the EZ-B has to go on the back. Obviously this was planned to increase the air flow over the regulators to keep them cool ;)

The only problem I have now is when I load the project the board does not connect. I just get a fast flashing red, slow flashing blue and the builder locks out. Tried restarting and all sorts of things but my project simply works no more mad If I connect and do simple things then it works fine, just doesn't like big projects by the look of it!

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Djandco, I am running two EZ-B's with over 22 servos, 3 H-Bridges , 3 transistor switches, and 4 analog ports and mine run just fine. I don't think your problem is your largeness. When I am having trouble I always check the last thing I did. Maybe something happened during your new battery install.

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I used the Large Wall.e 2 example and changed the settings to suit my servo's. Then I saved it under a different name. The thing was running fine then just dropped out. I was trying to get the speech rec to work (with no joy) so I opened the example again and made the changes again and it works fine. As you say, you look at the last thing you do but in this case it was adjusting the mic settings.

As this is the first one there are bound to be mistakes;)

But all is working again, (apart from the speech bit!)

I assume with the amount of servo's you are using you are not building a Wall.e then? Either that or it is going to be one monster of one!


I am building a buster. My Buster is getting bigger every day. Way out of control.


Your gonna need to upgrade to a omnibot 2000 to fit all your electronics pretty soon bookmaker lol