New Synthiam Humanoid On Development


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too long i not posted, and now i have idea to making a humanoid robot more freedom movement using 21 servo on the planing design. it just beginning, current progress i has to complete the upper body, and I have to wait a bit to work on parts of the feet because it requires 10 servo, but I ran out of the servo, hope to get it soon and finish the robot.:)

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@Eric. ... good to see you back.... this sounds awesome. Can't wait to see what you come up with. ....:)
Very nice work indeed ! Hope you get your 10 leg servos quickly.
Terrific projects. Where did the head come from?
Hallo All ,
@Richard R ... Yea a little busy at some time this last.
@Robot Doc I hope so, I can't wait for programming movements
@nomad Thankyou:)
@rb550f I get head from Nightlight case
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User-inserted image
Nice job, well done. Witch program did you use for the simulation?
any link from nightlight
Hi @Digieddy i using 3ds Max for design the robot
@Nomad i did't find a link on the product.. the product name is Luby L-5203 is a cheaper night light
Your creativity and ingenuity in turning found objects into works of wonder continues to amaze me.

Thank you for sharing your work.

Hallo @Alan

Yes it's just that I could do, a moment before I could use the 3d printer :D,

I who should thank to you, because you I could learn here and and have ez-board that I could use to develop my ideas.:)

test 3 DOP head movement
Maaaaaaan, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for....I tried so hard to find any info on how to control my robot using 3ds max! Would you be so kind to share information on how to set this up!
I would also want to build my robot model in 3ds max and transfer the animation to my real life model!

It would be supercool if you would share this information XXXSwann