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Hello everyone,

These two years are not easy for everyone! But I believe that it will be get well soon!

I am Ricky Ma, I come from Hong Kong and immigrated to Calgary, Canada just for 3 months. Because I'm very happy to develop my robot with Super software "SYNTHIAM". cool

I made my robot and published the DIY book for sharing my experience and my "Mark 1 Robot" have travelled and shared to some conferences in different countries such as Toronto, Canada and Moscow, etc. I will keep to develop new Robot and share to everyone here:D

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SYNTHIAM is a easy and powerful programming. It help my robot have a voice and object recognition. But I'm beginner and still learning more different function. Hope everyone can teach me and improve my robot in coming future.;)

Parts & Materials

I used EZB, metal parts and a tons servo motor in 18 months to build my robot. You can visit my website for details if you interest : https://www.mark1robotic.comUser-inserted image

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That’s a lot of details on your website. I’m a big fan of your robot! Has there been much progress since the book was published? Or are you starting work on a new robot?


Thank you DJ;)

New face and New structure in progressing:) even the Hong Kong movement and Covid-19 happened in these two years!

Hope to catchup with you in one day:p

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Mr Will,

Hi, this is my new project! The official price is USD$8800. We're excited to announce a special offer of up to 40% OFF on Kickstarter! You may be aware of the challenges I faced during the R&D phase, especially in perfecting facial expression technology. It required significant investments of both time and money. This is also why other lifelike robot projects have hesitated to launch and sell their robots the fear of being copied by other companies. Furthermore, if the results only yield small-scale production, the costs would be exceedingly high. Can I get your think, comments and idea?