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Hong Kong
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Hello everyone,

These two years are not easy for everyone! But I believe that it will be get well soon!

I am Ricky Ma, I come from Hong Kong and immigrated to Calgary, Canada just for 3 months. Because I'm very happy to develop my robot with Super software "SYNTHIAM".*cool*

I made my robot and published the DIY book for sharing my experience and my "Mark 1 Robot" have travelled and shared to some conferences in different countries such as Toronto, Canada and Moscow, etc. I will keep to develop new Robot and share to everyone here:D

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SYNTHIAM is a easy and powerful programming. It help my robot have a voice and object recognition. But I'm beginner and still learning more different function. Hope everyone can teach me and improve my robot in coming future.;)

Parts & Materials

I used EZB, metal parts and a tons servo motor in 18 months to build my robot. You can visit my website for details if you interest : https://www.mark1robotic.comUser-inserted image

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That’s a lot of details on your website. I’m a big fan of your robot! Has there been much progress since the book was published? Or are you starting work on a new robot?
Hong Kong
Thank you DJ;)

New face and New structure in progressing:) even the Hong Kong movement and Covid-19 happened in these two years!

Hope to catchup with you in one day:p