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Well, progress is being made, albiet slowly, but progress none the less. All 3 decks are now in. The neck post is mounted. I've built it so that I can remove the head and the upper body shell for maintaince and modifications. Wiring runs through the neck mounting tube and servo exstension cables allow me to unplug the different wiring cables. I've programmed some head movements and the eyes are now "blinking".
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@ Mel:
Thanks for your input Mel. I really wish I could continue with Gizmo as I think the general design concept is sound. I'm just so frustrated with the motor control issues!!!!!! I"ve been bogged down with this issue for well over 3 months now. R2D2 suggested using R/C motor controllers. So, I think I'm going to try that. There are a lot of them available on eBay cheap so I won't have to put a lot of money in them. I have bought my L289N's off ebay, from China. Hell, who knows......I may have had the misfortune of buying 3 of them that don"t work properly. I guess thats the chance we take when buying cheap Chinese crap.
I've got so much time ,effort and money invested in these robots, I'd absolutely hate to think it was all for nought! I'll drop the L289N's and try something else I guess. Hope all your projects are working for you and send you all my best.
Thanks, Lloyd. I am at the first time in my life in a situation that every single robot has given up the ghost or is not working properly. Also, my computer is giving me problems too. I have the Marty robot that I have not finished yet, so maybe it will work. It has the EZB in it. Also, the leaf robot after years of good service , the MPU is not working. I am getting too old for this. This is a young man's hobby. I have ordered a QBO only to be told that it has a bug and needs another $1000 for it to work without bugs. I wanted it because I wanted to just Operate and not worry about engineering the thing.I don't have that kind of money. So, for the time being, I am in a Robot Slump! I am sure things will get better because bad times never last.

Seems we are in the same boat Mel. Both faced with major problems and unable to find an answer. I'm like you. I do have some disposable income to spend on a hobby, but am by no means plush with cash. I sincerely thought that the EZ-B, ARC system would enable me to actually construct a working robot that might actually be able to assist me with tasks that have become difficult for me.
I was also very close to its end under the impression that Mr. Sures was sincere in his stated goal of bringing robotics to everyone from old to young, beginner to experienced. It would now appear that there are limitations on that goal. I have invested a lot of blood,sweat, and tears, time and money in this robotics venture. I sincerely hope it does not prove to be all wasted. I do hope you are right and that these trying times will eventually come to an end and resolution found.
In the end it may not really matter much as my wife has informed me that she is considering divorce. Again; like you; I'm much to old for all this. My life may be nearing it's end. I cannot bear losing my wife and should that happen I'm quite sure I will lose the will to keep going. We all have our problems in life and our personal demons to battle. I'm begginning to lose the battle I fear.
I am sorry to hear about your wife. I had a wife of 28 years who left me. I found my absolute soul mate. My first wife leaving me was a blessing. My new wife has stuck by my side for just about 20 years and we have planned to be together for all eternity. You might find your soulmate. It took me 42 years to find mine. Just have faith in GOD and he will bless you.
Good Luck, Lloyd!
My current wife is my soulmate. It took me over 50 years to find her. I sincerely belive that she was God's reward for all the suffering I have endured during my life. I cannot believe that God brought us together just to take us apart.If this is Gods plan for me; then I am ready for GOD to take me. Thank you for your kind thoughts. My departure from this world will, in all probability, have very little effect on anyone.
Well, Lloyd, if she is your soulmate. Then, she will never leave you. She may be bluffing. I have heard her say good things about you.

Consider counseling , the thing about divorce is you gotta happen. So do what you can to prevent it and don't.give up. When a women tells you she is considering something you don't want she's giving you the opportunity to fix the problem. If that's really what she already wanted she would not.have told you about it. Women want to be fought for , they want men to be men.
Mel and Josh,
Thank you for your words of encouragement and hope. It is appreciated more then you will ever know! God bless you both.
The biggest mistake any man made was he did nothing because he thought he could only do a little - Albert Einstein
I found this to be helpful.
I understand what you are going though as I too have divorced after almost 19 years. Marriages can be saved dont lose hope. Reading and counseling will help a great deal.
If you want me to share my experiences you can email me offline.
@ Glickclik:
Thank you for your kind offer. At times like this when all seems lost others input can be very helpful.
I've been there brother. Knows how that feels. It's times like this that counsel helps you to see things that you cant right now because of your feelings. Try Michele Weiner-Davis' advice or any you find helpful.
Josh is right about that. Depending on the woman. I have always been one to tell someone I was leaving first but most will just leave and then tell you. SO by her not just leaving then you do have hope. I would try talking to her. Ask her why and tell her how you feel. Women want to feel appreciated, needed and wanted....

This all depends on how high maintenance she is. Good luck. Divorce is always hard.

Thank you all for your words of support and suggestions. After some retrospective thought and soul searching I've come to realize that the person I am got lost somewhere along the way. That person was the one my wife fell in love with and wanted to marry. That person needs to come back. If that person comes back I don't think she'll want to consider divorce.
Maybe ask her to help you with that. Communication is important. Most women will work on it if they believe he still loves her.
LLoyd, are you out there?

Your Gizmo is calling. He is CRYING to be finished. How are you doing? We want to hear from you.

Hang in there, Buddy!

Mel (MovieMaker)

Yes Troy,

How is Gizmo coming?

Huh? What did I miss?
I think Mel was looking for updates and I was reiterate the point.


Where are you at? Any new pics?

Any update on Gizmo? . I was thinking you have enough room on front panel for a Windows tablet.