Is There A Halloween Contest This Year?


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I thought I would lighten things up around here by giving you all a sneak peek of my possible Halloween contest entry.... Oh, and he (Dexter) will also be giving out the candy this year... ;)

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Richard R. I'm thinkin maybe a bowl full of jello may add to the fun, depending on the color you use.
Ha, ha... The kids have no idea what's comin'... He has some cool special effects and a very unique voice. Dexter is going to scare the crap outta' those booger producin' ankle biters....
United Kingdom
Dude, that's pretty damn cool. I love the look of the head/face. There's going to be plenty of kids having nightmares round your area in October, lol.:D

Really nice job Richard (although I wouldn't expect anything less).
@Steve G.... You have no idea.... The kids are gonna' mess themselves when the door opens .... :P

Guess I am going to have to put my money where my mouth is and get programming him....:)
Nice! Even if there isn't a contest, I can't wait to see your video of Halloween.
@Richard R

Is Patches still around? He needs to be a part of your video if he is.
@Zap.... Yep, Patches is doing well.... We finally got rid of his tapeworm and he is now gaining weight.... Funny thing, nothing fazes him.... He hangs out with me in the Robot lab. Usually in my lap .... even when disaster strikes he sits there semi unamused....
@ Richard R - those grippers look mean, cool color scheme, where did you get the design for the head from ?.

when all else fails hit the EMO button - every robot should have one :)

needs a larsen scanner in that head too........
The head is just a paintball mask I got off of eBay... He already has led light effects for eyes and mouth.....
United Kingdom
Great job Richard, it looks great!

Another Inmoov build, How many now have you built?

I like the idea of the Ultrasonic Sensors, in place of the Xbox 360 kinetic sensor.
The Ultrasonic Sensors fit just right, I'm assuming the Sensors are the ones from EZrobot store?

Don't have one yet.... I need time to program him first. He was meant for halloween so when I have time to program him I will make a video of him for a Halloween skit of sorts...
I'm late in seeing this one. Looks really nice!