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Below are photos of my prototype Sentrybot that I assembled. It is currently controlled with an Arduino Mega and a Mini ITX. I'll be pulling the Arduino as soon as my EZ-B comes in. I've incorporated two digital CCD cameras that give stereo vision, digital range finder and GPS. Currently I have it set-up to navigate by detecting my wired dog fence.

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This is my second project. It is not pretty, but it is functional. I am able to navigate this bot via WiFi. I used wiper and window motors along with a linear actuator for the arm. I am able to easily grasp and lift 80 pounds with it.

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Hardcore ! you need to watch Black Mirror (Metalhead) episode.

Taking in consideration what happened in Florida couple days ago... I would replace the guns pictures (Does not reflect my political/guns view).
I feel sorry for all those innocents and related families.
i saw it here on the news ,very was an AR riffle i think.
I must be living in a cave. I did not hear about Florida. Good grief. How sad. Comment taken well. Great suggestion.

On the turret of my bot was an air-soft pellet that the kids play with.
an ez robot is much better to play with.;)

At least your cave is well protected:)

Is that a garbage bin ? How many batteries and amps ?
It is a recycle bin. I really liked its form factor.

12 and 24 volts / 5 to 10 amps and 15 amps respectively.

The taller bot (NOMAD) is 36 volts at 15 amps.

I use and modify cheap APC and Cyber Power uninterruptible power supplies. I get them cheap here in Michigan at Microcenter.
I love the Bin used as a cover.. I am trying to figure out how to mold fiberglass to make body panels. I don't have a 3d printer so I'm going to probably use fiber glass.
This is a pretty sick robot.
Great work ! I love the use of bin's as a form factor ! They're cheap, easy to modify and they look awesome !
Beep Boop, nice to see another security robot, ! would love to see more build details, wire schematic type stuff to compare notes, good job on keeping the build frugal on costs.