New Desktop For Modification To Installation In To Next Robot

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Hello everybody, just want to show case some things about my next project that is included with my new omnibot 2000 robot. i have recently just bought a new desktop computer for luckily $15. its a Emachine ET1831 Window 7 64bit converted by me to Windows 10 64bit. it contains an intel celeron 450 single core processor, 3gb ddr2,500gb hdd and Nvidia Geforce 7050 integrated (unfortunately). the motherboard is a Toshiba OA-X15-53758, with a Lga 775 socket and also has built in cd-dvd burner and multi-card reader. I plan on modifying the motherboard's socket to use a Intel Xeon 3.4 ghz Processor and install either two 4gb ddr2 ram cards or one 8gb ddr3 ram card depending if my motherboard can support ddr3, install new cpu fan with heat sink fins and possible replace the power-supple if necessary. i am also going to insert a brace to mount a removable usb 4tb external hard drive to store ez-robot software, basic/C program files and directory files for the ez-ai to access for communication purposes, such as up-to-date dictionaries, encyclopedias, and Wikipedia books. Also i will mount a brace for a recovery usb drive, in case the computer crashes so i have quick access for system recovery, and insert a brace to hold a mini USB projector, with rgb to usb connector of course to that if i need to access the interface like a normal monitor i can,mobile battery powered power brick for the connected power-supply and a wifi usb adapter for internet on the go. if all goes well my fixer upper modified quad-core, 8gb, 4tb+ 500gb internal hdd Computer should be ready for installation for the omnibot 2000 Robot

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