My First Wall-e


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After 6 months of searching I found a Wall-e. Looking for a how to guide to hack.


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hi wayneA

good find.
can you tell us what are you using pc or?
do you have ezb-v4 ?

here is the learn section.

@nomad18.08 I have a version 3 board (bluetooth). I will be using my PC at first, hopefully to graduate to my tablet.

I have searched the forums here looking how to get started. I would hate to cut my poor Wall-e, only to find that I did not do it right.
Hi @ WayneA
When I did a serarch for "Wall-E" in this forum I found 54 threads containing discussion, pictures and videos. You have probably looked at many of them. You also probably found that there is not one full tutorial on how to build an Ez-B powered Wall-E, only bits that you have to piece together.
I built one 6 months ago so I know what you are going through!
I bought mine last year, spent many months accumulating videos, pictures and all relevant info, then I procrastinated for a few more months. One day I pulled it apart to start but chickened out, put it back together and put it back on the shelf. My Wall-E had a different motor location from most pics I saw. That made me doubt that I could build one.
I eventually, after some more research I bit the bullet, pulled Wall-E to bits and fired up the Dremel. The first (and easiest) servos I fitted were the shoulder servos. I took the easy way out with the neck and used one of these:
I found that fitting the continuous servos for the tracks was not that hard. You have to cut two large holes in the base and trim till they fit. Fix in position with plenty of hot glue.
Eventually I got ambitous and fitted servos to the arms to give them outward movement and another tiny servo to twitch the eyes
There are a few tricks with the tracks. You may have to drill a small hole in the outer "hub cap" of the main wheel so you can poke a small phillips head screwdriver in to undo the screw, so that you and pull the mechanism apart. I used an angle grinder to cut off the metal wheel rods and trim it and the plastic down so it's flush with the "inner hub" so that you can attach the servo arm/star/wheel
I did not (and probably never will) bother mounting the camera inside one of the eyes. It's a big job. Instead I'll connect the blue lights to the EZ-B

I think building a Wall-E is a great personal learning experience. You have to research (collect pictures and videos off this forum or youtube), plan, get the right servos and go for it, overcoming any unforseen problems as you go along. If you slowly, carefully tackle one bit at a time you'll end up with your own home-made Wall-E in no time!

Good luck @WayneA !
if I can ever find a wall-e i would be happy to make another tutorial for it after I finish my humanoid one, since I have alot of time to mess with it and figure it out

too bad they are about as rare as a honest politician (sorry for the bad joke):D
@Tony1952 Did you take any pictures of your Wall-E construction process?
United Kingdom
Hoolagan's Wall-E is one which sticks in my mind. But as Tony said, search the forum and there are a lot of examples which are documented from start to finish.
@rich thanks for the name drop man. means a ton.
here's a link to my wall-e start on page 2 I placed some high def pics of the "head" and eyes. and a neck that extends.

start at page 2

let me now what you think.
They have re-issued the U-Command Wall-e. I have seen several times now at Toy-R-Us. Here is the Link:

He is $59.99. has him for $89.94:

Wall-e was very hard to find until the re-release. I finished my Wall-e last year. Let me know if I can help!
@chrisb66 Thank You for the information on the availability. I still have not been able to finish him up.
I got him finished up!
User-inserted image
@Robot-Doc Thanks!

Ez-B V3 Board. I want a version four board, I do not have the funds as of yet.