My First Bot - Dodgy Casebot



Hi all, I'm new to this world and wanted to share my experience so far.

After getting my first Ez-b a few days ago, I set out to build a practice piece. Not really knowing my way around anything robot like and being very new to the world of robots, I watched the box bot demo from the website.

I gathered a few things from the workshop that I thought I could use to build my first practice bot.

I had a few hiccups to begin with. I found that the Movement Panel set up was simple but couldn't work out how to allocate keyboard keys to it. With a bit of help from this forum, I was up and running and decided to try a few fun things.

So my robot is called Dodgy Casebot. He is made out of a projectile box, some wire and 2 x .223 Remington bullet casings, as well as 5 servos a gripper and a sonar module.

The bullet casings and wire were used for rear "wheels" , basically like a roller. The box is obviously the body.

I think the picture tells the rest....

I decided to try adding personality to my Casebot. The head and tail move randomly by using the personality section in Ez Builder. I'm impressed at how easy it is. The autonomous mode is interesting as well but..... It scared my dog:). I added the Wii remote as well as turning on the voice activation, with my Aussie accent it's a bit hard to use. We slur a lot....

My wife was even impressed with the progress in such a short period of time. I can't wait to see what else it can do.

I'll be adding some arms in the next few days.

Can't wait to get my roil and developer kit in the next month or so....

Some pix of my proud piece of dodgy work.

I give you.... Dodgy Casebot...

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United Kingdom

Looks cool.

If you want to go a little further with autonomous roaming you could always throw in the ping roam script I wrote. I'm part way through Version 1.2.0 for this too but it's untested and the code isn't posted yet but soon(ish) it will be (I'm just way behind on my robot stuff as other things have taken my focus and priority so far this year).


Hi rich, with your ping roam script, should the radar be turned off or does it not impact on your script?


South Africa

I think the robot looks awesome I am going to build my first robot when I get my kit and I was wondering how did you make the claw or if you bought it where did you buy it from


I love it! The box as the body... the head is cool. The grippers look handy. How much can he carry? Can he bring you a pop? :D


@Society... The claw is a dime a dozen on eBay... @Chrissi.... beer, not pop.... sheesh:D