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** More pics added 08/01/12 **

I spent the most of Saturday working on my Wall-E.

I did the typical carve out the bottom and added the servos.

Mounted the sonar.

For the arms I carved out slots for the mini servos. Screwed on the
round servo horns. Then ground down the arm joints flat. Crazy glued
them direct onto the servo horns.

I figured it's going to be a permanent install so I'm not too worried. I
can always snap off and re-do if needed. The Mini servos seem to
have enough juice to do the basic up/down.

I'll be adding a MP3 module with amp shortly.

The head seems to be the difficult part. Still working on a game plan
for that.

Didn't take a whole lot of pictures but will take some more when I tear
him down again.

User-inserted image


As Requested, some close up pics of my version of head mount. I still need to
fill, finish sand and touch up the paint.

Wall-E at rest. I like the natural head tilt. Because his head is only attached on
one side this causes the head to droop.

User-inserted image

Here is the neck. I did some extensive sanding down. This allows for clearance of
the up/down movement. Glued a piece of styrene on top and shaped in. In the
center is a 4-40 nut for the mounting screw.

User-inserted image

Just another angle.

User-inserted image

Here is the re-cycled Wall-E part mounted to the servo. servo horn is screwed on
and crazy glued to prevent movement.

User-inserted image

Another angle.

User-inserted image

Servo fits perfectly in the eye. Hot glued. Only had to expand the existing
opening slightly to accept the servo a head.

User-inserted image

There ya be.

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I'll fire some pics off tonight when I get home from work.
Czech Republic
Thanks a lot of :) , I am choosing how to connect head, your way seems more elegant. Petr
Ya, it worked out pretty slick. I'll pull him apart and snap a few detail pics.
Pics posted on Pg. 1. Hope it helps.
Czech Republic
Great thanks a lot of. Petr
Lumpy, ever get those details shots around the eyes and the head tilt? Would love to see how you pulled that off. Starting that part on my Wall-E.

Check out post # 1 been up for awhile.
Ah. Sorry. By the way it read, I thought there was more coming. No prob. Looks very cool. I'm struggling a bit with getting the head all apart. Any guidance on dealing with the center main pin? Or is it simply a matter of "remove every screw"?
It's a remove every screw type of deal. Remove all the screws from one
side of the eye first. Crack her open and it will all make more sense.
All I can say is whomever designed the Wall-E must of had a cousin in
China that sells screws. So overbuilt. ;-)
Had some time last night to work on Wall-E.

Added his camera to his eye. Usual mods (Removed USB, Switch, Antenna).

Re-mounted his antenna to a new location.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
That's really cool how you took different approach on the neck there :). I like it a lot, less work than me and looks good! Did you just run a normal wire for the antenna? I was wondering if you need like a coaxial type cable that's used for antenna and not just a normal electrical wire. I used normal wires, not sure if it will affect the signal or weaken it.

I just used regular wire. It seems to work fine for range. I did
try to keep the wires as short as possible.

Searched the garage for the part your needing. Couldn't find
the second one.

If your not in a huge panic, I'm tearing into Wall-E #2 probably
this weekend.

I can mail it out next week sometime?
Really you probably didn't even need the ducky antenna if. You had 4 to 6 inches connected. Plain wire can be a short range antenna.
That's great to know. I did the same, in fact i also left the antenna unplugged and to my surprise the range didn't reduce any, only when out of sight.

I'm in no rush, so next week is great, just let me know how much it cost to ship. I'll send you my address in your email. I really appreciate it:)
Finally got some of my electronics finalized for mounting positions within Wall-E.

Here we have :

- EZ-B
- MP3 Module
- Audio Amp

All mounted. I just have to finish up the wiring harness for the MP3 module.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Just need to loom up the head wires and add a permanent battery pack and he's good to go.
That's really neat, i still need to hook my MP3 module up, still testing using ARC soundboard. Mine is a mess though, too many inputs. I'm going to run a 3000mah 7.4v Lipo, what are you using?
I've been looking at batteries as of late.

Not sure if I'm ready for LiPo. I keep hearing horror stories.

I carved out the back panel of Wall-E tonight. That should give me a better
idea of size to cram in there.

I'll see. I need to look at batteries for (2) Wall-E's (1) Hasbro R2 and (3) Omnibots.

So I'm going to need a good multi-charger too.