Making Of 4 Wheel Robot


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Hello Guys my Self Mohanish From India and i'm also an Mechanical Engineer and working as a Designer. i would like to know that how to make robots? frankly speak i'm totally unaware about it. i was try searching on Google but cant find anything what i required. on Google i was find this site and its look like what i required

I need to know how robot works?

I need to know which parts are Required for making 4 wheel Drive Robot with operated with Laptop or remote control

I need to know what parts do what things.

i need to know from where i get that all parts.

i need to know how to assembled all that parts electrically and mechanically both

All of u r requested to shear your knowledge with me

here i'm attach 2 Photos which i was make in 3D

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Didn't you say in the beginning of the thread that you wanted to add vision to a robot using the camera.
yes i need it but let me start somthing first :D:D

i'll add camera latter on for sure
how much Motor Controllers i need to make 4WD robot or 6WD robot? one Motor Controller control all 4 or 6 motors or i need it individual? *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused*

and which one i use? any specific make or module number? *confused*
You only need one sabertooth 2 x 12 controller to control 4 or 6 motors just fine as long as you don't exceed 12 amps per channel (which I doubt you will).... Google the Sabertooth 2 x 12 to find our more info on it...
how to connect 6 DC motors to motor shield? *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused*
Yes I google it but I can't understand one thing that 6 motors = 6 wires (+ & -) both there is only 5 motor arrangment Sabertooth2x12 then how I manage? Please send me schematic diagram for it if possible so

In short which wire where go?
There are two motor channels on the Sabertooth... You will wire (in parallel)... 3 motors on one channel and 3 motors on the other channel... same as the picture below, but with one more motor on each side... Very simple...

User-inserted image
Ohh I c that mens 1 slot for 2 motors right?
Yep, and in your case one "slot" (or Channel) for 3 motors...
Hay Guys i was changed my motors

Output shaft = 4mm dia.
Voltage = 6V
Speed = 133rpm
No load current = 0.35 A
Stall current = 5.5 A
Stall torque = 8.8 Kg/cm
Motor RPM = 10,000 +/- 5%.

Still i need to go with "sabertooth motor controller 2 x 12" ? *confused* *confused* *confused*
Yep, the 2 x 12 can handle 12amps per channel... and it has an over current protector... Meaning it will shut down and reset if the motors try and pull too many amps... Also, it is highly unlikely that you will stall all 3 motors on one of the channels all at once....
do i use Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N for Arduino?

and is this possible the if u like to use one Dual H Bridge Motor Drive Controller for 2 motors and another one for other 2 DC motors? is that possible ?
As I mentioned before... You can use 1 sabertooth for 2, 4 or 6 motors or 1 H bridge per 2 motors... However a standard 2.5amp L298 H - Bridge won't be able to power your new motors....
ohh I C then i'll go for sabertooth i was ask that b'Coz it wont b available here in local market that's y
Hay @Richard i'm back with another Question :D:D:D:D

Question:- Do I Need Solder a ceramic capacitor across the terminals of all 4 motors? *confused* *confused*
You can and I have done so in the past.... However, I don't anymore and it doesn't seem to affect anything.... I think they are to cut down "motor noise", but not using them hasn't effected any projects I have used them in so far....