Spot Mini on Steroids


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Hey, still looking for a propper way to share stuff here on the forum...
This is mindblowing!! 

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Are you thinking of building something like this?  This would explain your Inverse Kinematics interest.

I have seen some packages of the new "drum-shaped" actuators (4" diameter I think) for building these dog and cheetah like bots.   Seems like $600 on the low end to $12000 or so for the key hardware.  Very interesting but most likely beyond my skills and budget.
Same here, I was just throwing this out in the open, so you guys won't miss out on it...this ai is crazy good!!
That new robot you are building is totally what I am aiming for myself, I might get those tracks, and borrow some of the design if you don't mind?:D

But actually every now and then, the idea of building a little robot dog crosses my mind...I would go for a cheaper and more affordable version though!!
Saw this 2 min paper last amazing...AI teach robots to walk is the new future and the key to plug and play robots.