Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!

DJ Sures

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This year i made a decision to get back into building robots. So, I'll start with this! Kind of ironic, an Imperial AT-AT Walker that doesn't know how to walk... yet!

Tomorrow I will add servos for the knees and teach him to walk. I'm allergic to dogs, so he'll have to do!

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Wow, this is exciting! I had no idea there was something like this out there. Thanks guys for the responses
You can program it with EZ Builder and even voice control it too!
Use the camera to give your quadruped vision so it can track moving objects, colors, or faces. This gives it even more life!
EZ Robot makes building and programming robots Easy and fun.
If you need anything helpful robot builders will respond!
@DJ, I'm curious.
How close are you to finishing your build?
It looks like a great project to work on, so I purchased one off of ebay, and it will be here in a couple of days. I cant wait to see the video!
Keep up the great work! You inspire us all!:)
Thanks Joseph! I haven't spent much time on it since the video. Maybe I will start again on it in the new year.
Wow! that is cool DJ! I would love to see it going it and interacting more as it would help my dog-bot build idea a lot in my previous post!

Dog and Animal Robot thread

I am still mulling over what system of yours to work with for my weird ideas but just two days at this site has taught me so much (I can make teddy bears and plushies, I am just trying to get them moving!)

This AT AT and the cute video of the doggie one has given me a lot of ideas. Thanks heaps DJ and all the rest of the builders here.

DJ, are the new HDD servos stronger than the hip servos you are using on your AT AT? From what I can find the HS-755MG servos are 14.4 KG/cm at 6v.
Your HDD servos work very well.