Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!

DJ Sures

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This year i made a decision to get back into building robots. So, I'll start with this! Kind of ironic, an Imperial AT-AT Walker that doesn't know how to walk... yet!

Tomorrow I will add servos for the knees and teach him to walk. I'm allergic to dogs, so he'll have to do!

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What, @RoboHappy, you haven't seen this video?!? ;D lol

Someone did it digitally already, why not real life, right?!?

By the way Awesome job @DJ:)
Hahaha! That was great! Thanks, I needed a good smile today.
At work so I haven't had time to watch the videos yet. Are you using the orientation sensor to have it take corrective action of it starts to fall over?

United Kingdom
That's a new one for me Jeremie... Very funny. Thanks for posting that, it did make me laugh.

DJ, you nailed the walking really well. Love his dance moves too. You have given your AT-AT such character now you'll have to give it a name.;)
Glad you went back to playing with technologies to expand it. I found your robot controller last winter and I love it, i program just simple ladder logic and love the way you can expand on the EZ. i just hope you expand it more and teach us old dogs a bit more. As to the rest of community ... Thumbs up to the max this is the best forum I have ever been a part of, the learning curve and challenge makes this a very good hobby!

What about the robo 3d printer my wife will get me for x-mas :;

again DJ keep with your love and show us more!

Loved the build so much, I had to get one myself to convert. Have you seen the playschool version? It's like a child version of the larger At At . Did you use the original Kenner version or the Hasbro version?
I have a video of the build in raw snipplets sitting on my laptop. Even the unboxing - which will tell you what version it is. At the top of my head, i'm unsure:) I recall the box had a lot of green and black on it! If that helps?

I'll get that video rock'n someday soon!
This is a wonderful build.
I am so glad you are back to building robots!
I just got 2 AT AT walkers off ebay and will be getting a 3rd.
I also just got the newest R2D2 RC Interactive Droid.
It would make for a great EZ-Robot project.
Ok, I've been looking at your product line for a while and I'm willing to give up my servo controllers and arduino boards I you can answer this question for me. Did you program the gait using only the ARC software?
Because that would be amazing.
I have a scratch built quadruped that i don't know how to program.
I'm not @DJ but I can assure you that, yes, the gait was created with ARC:)

I've created a few walking gaits myself using ARC and it's a huge time saver!
@Kablerecord Yes, DJ used ARC's "servo auto positioner control"... The servo auto positioner in ARC is a God send in animating multi servo robots. I use it exclusively with my inMoov....
Kable, my project is available in the ezcloud robot AppStore. Install ARC and you can load my project to build from. Maybe you can perfect my gait:)
Wow, this is exciting! I had no idea there was something like this out there. Thanks guys for the responses
You can program it with ARC and even voice control it too!
Use the camera to give your quadruped vision so it can track moving objects, colors, or faces. This gives it even more life!
EZ Robot makes building and programming robots Easy and fun.
If you need anything helpful robot builders will respond!
@DJ, I'm curious.
How close are you to finishing your build?
It looks like a great project to work on, so I purchased one off of ebay, and it will be here in a couple of days. I cant wait to see the video!
Keep up the great work! You inspire us all!:)
Thanks Joseph! I haven't spent much time on it since the video. Maybe I will start again on it in the new year.
Wow! that is cool DJ! I would love to see it going it and interacting more as it would help my dog-bot build idea a lot in my previous post!

Dog and Animal Robot thread

I am still mulling over what system of yours to work with for my weird ideas but just two days at this site has taught me so much (I can make teddy bears and plushies, I am just trying to get them moving!)

This AT AT and the cute video of the doggie one has given me a lot of ideas. Thanks heaps DJ and all the rest of the builders here.

DJ, are the new HDD servos stronger than the hip servos you are using on your AT AT? From what I can find the HS-755MG servos are 14.4 KG/cm at 6v.
Your HDD servos work very well.
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Now this was another great robot build from DJ ! I can say i have used the HDD servos 2 years now designed by Jeremie if I remember correctly. Never any slow down or problems. Used for 2 different robots now at lifting arms from shoulder point pivot.Really strong for something not very bulky!:D