Gideon Inmoov



I have not been here for sometime been busy with that dirty word, work. I have ,however, been redesigning my bottom half of Gideon.

I have been gone so long I have forgotten basic commands, which soon I will be relearning. I now have 4 EZb4's to separate body parts and maybe someday it will all come together.

I forgot to give credit to D Cochran for the idea

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Thanks David. now I just got to motivate myself to get back to programming. I've got his head working he's got 10 servos I've done some smiles yuck face expressions etc. but I'm still trying to figure out how and what I want to program I need somebody to motivate me, So I'm hoping to read all the posts that I've missed and maybe that will help get me motivated


Looks cool! What kind of mechanism did you build ?



I used 2 Linear Servos, at first I was going to use just one Linear servo but I wanted more control of the waste, so I used two. They were kind of costly but I did not know how to make my own.

The knee bearings are a little over kill but they work.

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I don't know how to make the pictures small.


Hey, big pictures are good - I don't have to put on my reading glasses to see them. Nice build, thanks for sharing. Everyone is looking forward to seeing a video of everything Gideon can do.



Nice work. I'm a big fan of large-scale robots and linear actuators. I used several of them in my ARMadeus project. Interesting use of the VEX parts for the structure and framing. I'd love to see more close up pictures of the mechanisms. Keep up the good work.