Humanoid robotic hand Mk2 by Gray Eldritch Studios aka TheTechnomanc3r


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Hey all! just wanted to show off my finished robotic hand design! Designed entirely from scratch, including DIY linear actuators using standard servos. Powered by arduino and programmed using synthiam/ez-robot software! Thank you for continuing to develop such great software for us inventors to use in our projects!

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Very nice!

Yes I will also watch your future videos

be well
Wow! Amazing work @TheTechnomanc3r 

I always enjoy your projects as you put a lot of creativity into them.

Did you come up with the rotating thumb idea? I've never seen that before. Is there a story behind it?
Supercool!! Keep up developing, it came out great!!:)
Very cool !:D its so amazing what we can do with servos and a 3D printer.