How To Automate The Robot


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Hello I state that I am using the product from very little, I would ask how I can create the project in ez builder for the robot that I enclose a picture. Currently it works properly read with raspberry but I would use it exclusively with your product.
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Upgrade to ARC Pro

Harnessing the power of ARC Pro, your robot can be more than just a simple automated machine.

Looks like you need an EZBv4, (to replace the Raspberry) an EZ Camera and a battery pack. Download ARC and you'll have it up and running in no time.
Welcome, and that is a great looking robot.
EZ Robot and ARC software is a great resource with a great community.
ARC has an option for Auto Position that can help you create frames then combine them into actions for your robot.
Download ARC software to try with out any purchase.
If you decide to purchase an EZ Robot controller you will not be disappointed.
Look at the EZ Robot JD file to get ideas how to get your robot moving and respond to voice recognition.
Steve S
Thanks to everyone for the tips I did not think you had responded so quickly.
My question is to configure the servo MG996R because I downloaded the ARC but they are not in bookstores. And being new does not know how to implement them.
Let me know if you can turn my robot design and if you how to do that, I thank you but as mentioned are the first experience in ARC.
ARC will run your servos- no problem.