Dewey (Drone:1)


United Kingdom
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Anyone remember the wonderful Drones from the 1972 classic movie "Silent Running"? Three scales of Dewey in my studio!

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Are those robots that move? They're super detailed. Must have taken a long time to find all the pieces to use
United Kingdom
They are just props, I have put in some FX though. These are one of my favourite movie robots, in the film amputees were inside and they walked by the operators arms/hands.
Thanks Tony for sharing this. These are fine examples. I gotta watch this movie again soon. It's been so long since I've seen it.

You have some of the best toys and such talent! I'd love to some day visit you and your studio but your on the other side of the world. I'm still kicking myself for not meeting up with you in Jamaica when we had the chance.
United Kingdom
Thanks Dave! You would always be welcome to visit - we live in the Ashdown Forest where A.A Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh. He based 100 Arce wood on Ashdown Forest. We live 2 miles from the actual bridge where he got the idea for "pooh sticks bridge" that is now a under English Heritage. I would also like to visit you also and meet your marvelous B9!
Thanks Tony! You are also always very welcome to come across the big pond for a visit. Here in South Florida I don't have the wonderful things to offer that you have that would keep your interest. You're living the dream my friend! However I'm sure we'd have a blast.
Nice Props Toymaker, thanks for sharing.  I just ordered the movie "Silent Running" from netflex, it should be here next week.  I only say it once at 13 years old.