R2d2 Bb-8 Mashup Robot Project


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Thought you guys might find the project I am working on interesting. Its an R2D2 BB-8 mashup robot.

So far coming along well and have almost all the parts I need for the dome. If you guys like the way it looks I also have a free wallpaper of it on my website.


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Nice work! That looks awesome!
Thanks Jeremie.

Here are some pictures of some of the pieces.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Thanks DJ

Oh and here is more mashup fun.

User-inserted image
Are you chatting with Anthony (xl robots) at all? He's got designs to 3D print the entire thing without having to source a bunch of components.
Well I do not have a 3D printer. So I am building it all from parts I have. Plus the over all quality will better. The ball itself might end up being a bit different more related to the concept art from the new Star Wars movie.

For the head I am using this fiberglass mid century planter. As you can see I will have to cut off the center and make that part of it.

Any way a 3D printer would be nice but not in the budget at the moment. :)


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Oh I see Anthony I did not know you had 3D files for the same kinda mashup:)
Seems to have turned out well.
South Africa
hey I got this one pic for the measurement for bb8 body circles if u are drawing the details for bb8 the pi is below.
User-inserted image
South Africa
Can anybody help me with the head details for bb8
South Africa
Im not using a 3D printed head so I need help with head details plz