Halloween Synthiam - Annabell


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Dear EZ-Robot Friends,

here my new Halloween EZ-Robot: Annabell! I hope you like it!

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OMG.... that was awesome . AM a fan of the Annabell horror flicks ,how perfect for Halloween:)


Mega gut!!! Robot Halloween is about to happen!!:D




thank you @ all Annabell can follow people, has 10 motors inside for lots of moves, lights and a loud soundsystem. I'm looking forward to the reaction of the neighbors.

This year I have 4 different EZ-Robots outside.:D


I like your Annabell a lot, you are very talented. She is so cheepy.   I am not sure if there  will even be a Halloween this year, there is to much of a risk for children getting the virus.  I was going to have my Inmoov handing out Candy like he did last Halloween but I don't think anyone will  come.



same here I think. last year 110 children visited my house. this year I think only 20+ and all single. its not the same.. I hope next year on Halloween - Corona has an end. by the way: Netflix Salvation is a good series for the corona time. doomsday mood :D