Funny 3 Legged Robot

DJ Sures

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Some of the guys around the office were thinking of creative combinations today. I stumbled across their final "creation" this afternoon and wondered if I could make it walk. So, without further delay... Here is the strangest robot I've ever seen:

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Reminds me of Art from Monsters U.

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Lmao , well then. That is the strangest one ever !
are you on drugs ?hehe
I did take my vitamin D and fish oil today - they say it's good for the brain! Need my brain power to make special 3 legged robots like that:)
If you think that's odd and funny just wait till you see what im working on hehehe:P
Enjoyed that... lol
3 legged six with two short arms like that.
That is pretty funny looking. I love the clip and play concept. When I got my Roil and he was missing the shoulder servos, I mounted an arm on the front and the back. Once I got the parts for the shoulders, I decided I liked having an arm on the back (sort of like a backhoe) so much, that I left it there, and I am going to use the rotation servo for the left arm to mount a ping sensor on the front instead.

(pics or videos soon).

Just took a little re-programming of the auto-positions, but it can still wave and dance. (and I am really loving auto-position. Makes it so easy to set up complex actions.)

Kind of reminds me of nomad's JD when he first tried to calibrate his servos.... :P:P:P:P

Booo, hisss.... nomad we love ya... just yankin' your chain....:)

some people stay kids forever.:)