Eyepod using Neopixel & Ardiuno Nano, conrtolled via a EZ-B IoTiny


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Before my 3D printer went down I managed to print out ( a while ago ) one of Perry's designed eyepods assembles.

While I'm waiting for parts for the dual extruder head assembly, I decided to see if I could get the EZ-B IoTiny to control the Neopixel via the Ardiuno Nano using the recently re-posted old tutorial of David Cochran NeoPixel Ring with Arduino Nano as the control board.
The Arduino sketch is a bit buggy? but I managed to get it working OK.

It works quite well, created a simple script to control the two servos and the Serial commands for the Ardiuno to run the Neopixel.
I used two Corona DS339MG servos, which were of similar size to the Hitech HS-225MG Perry used in his design, but a lot cheaper!

BUT for some reason the iris ( White ring ) doesn't show it changes colour when Videoing, but when you view it normally the whole iris ( white ring )
changes colour. I've used my iPhone and a video camera to video it, also changed the intensity of the Neopixel via script control, videoed it in light and dark conditions, but it makes no difference??

I would like to thank Perry for his design and 3D stl files of the Eyepod, its been great fun and challenging putting the eyepod together!!

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Ah! Perry - that helps a ton i think. The gluing part. I never thought of that, so the pins were catching on other leafs of the iris. Makes a lot of sense now - thank you.
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I didn't think about gluing the pins either, it would of made it a little less fiddly.:)
Oh man - the gluing is so right on. It's night and day difference. Thanks Perry
Chris, What did you do here? There is no way for it to operate as designed like you operate it. The Ring with the holes and webs has to rotate when it opens and closes.
Are you like the plastic Rain Man?
Perry - we got ours together btw. Last week we realized I was putting it together wrong. The other links that you provided helped a lot because there was a photo which made all the sense. It's embarrassing to tell you how we tried to put it together... i don't even wanna say!
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Its been a long time ago since I put this together ( over a year ago ).
I will have to get it out again and hook it all up as I used the EZB-Tiny for something else, and then I’ll have a look, to be honest I don’t really know!