Elastic Band Shooter

DJ Sures

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In parallel with James' Elastic Band Turret build, we were building a robot today. I came up with a slightly different elastic band shooter that uses a servo with a hexapod leg to raise and lower the body for vertical aiming - rather than a servo holding the turret.

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@DJ when you first released Revolution and ez bits I thought to myself there isn't much variety of ez bit pieces. Can't do much with the limited selection of ez bits. It's no Lego, that's for sure .... I guess I don't have much imagination because the variety of robots that you guys are creating with ez bits has really surprised me. I was wrong... Lego who? What? LOL

Now more than ever I hope you guys put together some kind of ez bit "grab bag" or "booster pack" and put it in the store for sale.... :) The thing is, I do have the ability to 3d print ez bits, but I want the "real McCoy"... 3d printed parts no matter how well you print them or what printer you use they just don't compare to their injection molded counter parts....


Here's a good one! I mounted the turrent on Six - he's ready to shoot Alan


@DJ Well now you went and blabbed... No chance for a surprise attack now. Alan is gonna' know it's coming... Get Jason instead. He's probably on the phone with China, he'll never see it coming...:P


Hey, you'll shoot your eye out with that! eek

LOL, You guys have way too much fun at work. :)

United Kingdom


LOL, I love these elastic band shooters, especially the multi-shooter. But I think they were upstaged a little by JD in the backgound. "I beleive I can fly", that cracked me up.:D


last video,love it how it looks and how fast it turns left and right. i want one for my collection,any news what he will cost?