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This is my 3D printed AdventureBot using the STL files supplied with the assembly instructions for the "bare" version. It uses parts from the Development Kit (EZBv4, 360deg servos and a modified (butchered) PCB from the PowerShell. The wheels have plastic tyres fitted which, in turn, have rubber treads fitted fashioned from a bicycle inner tube. Power tests have proven successful despite my wobbly soldering but I have about 4 weeks to wait for batteries to be delivered before I can get to grips with its capabiliities.

Its "creator" was my Ender3 printer. Printing times were somewhat longer than those suggested in the instructions eg. the dodecagon base-unit took 10 hrs having been sliced in Cura 3.6. I used PLA because I dont have the facilities to print ABS safely but everything seems to be strong enough for the purpose. Surface finish is not great in some places due to the widespread need for supports but in others, particularly the feet, it is superb. A lot has been learned with regard to slicing and printing 3D models and I have gotten to know my Ender3 very well.

Next up - Revolution 6!

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thats a nice black adventurebot.


I think you're the first to 3d print an adventureBot! Congrats:D Very cool in black... menacing almost!


Cool? Menacing? Well you can blame Henry Ford for that! He said that I could have any colour (I'm English) I want as long as it's black!